The Wonders Of The Bubble Mask

Give your skin the luxury treatment it deserves with an easy to apply face mask that combines the natural revitalising power of natural mud, with the added bonus of fun, as you detoxify your skin with an expanding Bubble Face Mask.

Made using natural mud that contributes to pore and oil control, the bubble mask is designed to react with oxygen in the air, creating tiny bubbles which help the ingredients sink into the skin for maximum nourishment.

 How To Use:

  1. Wash Face
  2. Apply a thick layer evenly over your face, avoiding contact with eyes & lips.
  3. Watch as the Bubble mask begins to foam and bubble up!
  4. Leave for between 5-10 minutes
  5. Massage the foam into your skin for 1 minute
  6. Then Rinse!



Each pot of detoxifying goodness is good for between 8-10 uses, meaning you can continually bubble up and keep your skin looking in tip top refreshing condition. Natural mud might sound a little peculiar when looking for something to sear all over your face in the hope of revitalising your skin, but surprisingly the benefits of mud are better for you than you might think.

Mud has amazing absorption properties, making it the perfect natural remedy to bring out all the toxins embedded in your skin. When used daily as part of a regular skincare routine, it can even draw up impurities that are buried in the deeper layers of the skin and prevent future blemishes from forming.

When using a mud mask, you may as well opt for a natural one as it is going to wonders for your skin, as opposed to some other synthetic mixtures. Natural properties within the mask help to provide numerous amounts of nutrients and minerals to your skin, that cells can utilise to stay healthy for longer.


Bubble Mask - £10


The Give Me Bubble Mask helps to :

  • Exfoliate
  • Deep Cleanse Impurities
  • Hydrate & Soothe Skin
  • Draw Out Toxins And Unwanted Oils

The perfect way to end a stressful day, the bubble mask will help to detoxify your skin, make it perfectly clear and leave it feeling refreshed and revitalised.


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Daniel Fletcher

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