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Set the Tone: Why Should You Use a Face Toner?

Does your morning routine set the tone for your day ahead?


But does it LITERALLY, set the tone?


A great day starts with you, and your skincare plays a big part in that.


Face toner not only compliments the other products in your morning routine, but it gives your skin the wake-up call it needs to rise and shine (Kylie Jenner voice activated.)


What is Face Toner?


Face toner is a skincare product that helps your skin look and feel its best, and it does this in a few different ways:


  • Exfoliates and brightens your skin from within.
  • Removes oil, dirt, and debris to tone pores.
  • Balances skin complexion by reducing blotchiness and hyperpigmentation.


In short, toner is the perfect way to wake up your skin and get it ready for the day. 


In fact, whilst toners may have been seen as a ‘nice-to-have’ in the past, they’re now considered one of the most essential steps in a skincare routine, also helping to restore your skin’s natural PH balance.


Look at it as a bit of magic and a bit of skincare!

Why should You Use a Face Toner? 


Face toner works alongside your other skincare products and can even increase their effectiveness.


It slots straight into your skincare routine between cleansing and moisturising (not forgetting the all important step of applying SPF in the morning. Yes, even if you’re not going outside!), and should be adopted into both your morning and evening skincare routine.


In the morning, toner preps your skin for the day ahead, and in the evening, it washes away the residue of the day.




What is the Best Toner For Me?


Now, we know you’re probably wondering what’s the best toner for your face, and this can depend on your skin type.


A light pink bottle of the Give Me Cosmetics Witch Hazel Face Toner.


Whether you’re looking for the best toner for oily skin, the best toner for dry skin, or the best toner for combination skin, the Give Me Cosmetics Witch Hazel Face Toner is suitable for all skin types, with anti-inflammatory and super-hydrating ingredients.




What to Look For in a Toner


When looking for a toner for your specific skin type, here are some things to keep in mind:


For dry or normal skin:

Look for a toner with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. These ingredients are hydrating and help your skin retain moisture, meaning your toner will help your skin soak up every last drop!


For oily or acne-prone skin:

Go for a toner that has exfoliating properties and contains ingredients like glycolic acid, and salicylic acid. These ingredients help to dissolve dead skin cells and soothe acne, breakouts and excess oiliness, whilst retaining moisture in your skin.


For sensitive skin:

When you have sensitive skin the last thing you want to do is irritate it, so opt for toners that are hydrating with moisturising ingredients like glycerin or aloe vera. Steer clear of alcohol-based toners.


So, now you understand what toner is, what it can do, and where it fits in your skincare routine, it’s time to set the tone for your skin and add it to your routine.

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