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The Ultimate feel-good Gift For Fathers Day

The Ultimate feel-good Gift For Fathers Day 

Father’s Day is just around the corner - 16th June in fact!

How many “Best Dad/ N01 Dad” mugs are you going to buy before you realise enough is enough. It’s time to not only get creative for Fathers Day but also practical. It's all cute and all getting a personalised present for your father figure but more often than not they end up in a box, stored away in the loft never to be seen again until it's time for a clear out. 


Get him something he will use and enjoy with the Give Me Father’s Day Bundle. They may not want to admit it but they love using self-care products and the proof is in the pudding when they are always stealing your products in secret and leaving you with none. 


Some men LOVE their self care products but with a large percentage of dads/ men, most will refuse to use products because they have never tried or just can’t be bothered buying it but will use anything you put in front of them. So why not make the right products for them!


The Father’s Day Gift hamper is the perfect selection of self care products that won't intimidate them but intrigue them instead. 



Most men will opt to use the easiest hair wash product going such as those awful 2-in-1 head and body wash products. And then proceed to complain about dandruff or dry irritated scalps. 

Our sulphate & silicone free shampoo and conditioner is the ideal balance for men with its fresh and subtle scent and hydrating yet lightweight formula. Leaving hair weightless, soft and fresh. 




Onto skincare, how is it that some men can get away with washing their faces with as little as soap and water and not face the consequences women do? But wait until they complain again about the fine lines and wrinkles appearing. 

Well, more often than not, they have no idea where to start and what to use. Let’s use our experience to our advantage and introduce them to the Hyaluronic acid cleanser and serum. Fragrance-free and a pure drink of water for your skin. This will gently cleanse and hydrate any first, oils & pollution in the skin and the serum will lock in moisture for a more radiant complexion without looking like they are wearing too much product. 

To finish with the lips, the mojito lip scrub will gently exfoliate any dry lips and remove dead skin cells. 

Pair this up with the lemonade lip repair for consistent hydration without looking like they're wearing makeup - Delicious and effective! 



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A final flourish of a wide tooth comb, because well, they always go missing! 

All of these incredible products bundled up into one great, practical gift that you know your father figure will use and will most probably be very impressed with! So don’t forget to put 16.06.24 in your diary and get your father’s day gift boxed off now! 

Welcome to the world of Give Me Dad!


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