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Hayfever Season - Ways to Calm Angry skin

With a pollen bomb on the way and the UK’s hayfever season well and truly underway we are here to help with the unfortunate side effects for those that suffer this time of year!

Whilst hayfever can have effects on your eyes, nose and throat it can also have angry effects on your skin and keeping your skin free from these pollen particles will help keep the skin clear and calm during this hay fever season.

Hayfever on the skin can look like hives, puffy eyes, red spots, itchiness and blotchy patches. All these symptoms can cause further distress when trying to get along with everyday life and tackling your hayfever with antihistamines. 

We have brought together a soothing skincare routine for you during this pollen bomb that will help keep all these symptoms at bay and help get you on the road to recovery to enjoy the sun and summer days!

We recommend using our Cleansing Balm twice daily as this is an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant that can help to cleanse any pollen and pollutants from your skin whilst containing Green Tea and Vitamin E for a soothing and calming effect on the skin. We need to ensure the skin is thoroughly cleansed before going in with any other treatments but we also need to avoid harsh ingredients on already sensitive skin.



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Green tea has healing properties and can help rebuild a damaged skin barrier that your skin may be suffering from during a hay fever attack! Not to mention the soothing ritual of massaging this product into your skin that will instantly uplift you!

Once the skin is fully cleansed and there are no more pollutants, particles or pollen left on the surface of the skin we need to look into hydrating as pollen can cause the itchy, dry, blotchy skin that we would all like to avoid! 

On still damp skin use our Hyaluronic Acid Serum drops to reignite your skin's glow, hydrate and plump your skin. This hydrating serum will help breathe the glow back into your skin and leave you feeling refreshed whilst avoiding the tight feeling. Using these drops on damp skin can help trap in the moisture from your cleanse and give you prolonged hydration throughout the day!

Hydrating your skin when the pollen bomb hits will help your skin heal from the hayfever effects quicker whilst leaving you feeling more comfortable!




Next our Day Cream is going to help with that prolonged hydration! Our soothing gel like formula is super lightweight so perfect for the warmer days but it also has a cooling effect. This cooling, soothing, lightweight cream will help calm the angry redness and your skin down! With a gentle but effective formula this cream is going to sink into your skin, calming redness and the heat that may come off your skin during a pollen flare up. 

Lastly, our eye cream is going to be perfect for soothing any puffy eyes and dry cracked skin around the eyes with Avocado Oil and Vitamin E. This nourishing formula is going to soothe and hydrate the skin and build it back to health. With no harsh ingredients around your eyes this thick creamy colour correcting formula is the perfect finalizing touch in your hay fever skincare routine.



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Remember, Hydrate, soothe, cool and calm the skin!

If the skin is still angry, sore and red after a prolonged period of time and use of antihistamines please seek advice from a GP or Pharmacist.

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