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Your guide to navigating your skincare through the seasons

As the seasons change, our skin faces the harsh impact of 5 primary types of weather - Sunny, Cloudy, Windy, rainy and Stormy. Not to mention the temperature changes, which in the uk ranges from 40.5°C (Highest ever recorded temperature) to -27.5°C (Lowest ever recorded temperature). Thinking about this really makes you question what your skin faces through the seasons and how it handles the changes.

With the UK having very fluctuating weather… sometimes with hourly changes it can change what your skin needs for the different weather and seasons. Dive into this blog to hear our top recommendations for the different seasons and how Give Me can assist your skincare journey.


Let's start at the beginning of the year. Winter technically starts in December and finishes in March so you start the year, cold, frosty and most of all rainy. This is where your skin can really dry out and you can face a lot of damage to the skin's surface resulting in a flakey appearance. The air in Winter is drier which can drain the skin of its moisture but also indoor heating plays a big part in drying the skin out and completely stripping it of all moisture! Cracked lips are also a very common occurrence from the winter months.

Hydrating the skin in winter is KEY but there are some other skincare secrets to pay attention to in the colder months. 



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From March to June the weather gets warmer and spring has sprung. As the weather gets warmer, our oil production increases and double cleansing is a must to ensure you are fully cleansed. During spring pollen counts are at an all time high and allergies sit on the skins surface. 




Although SPF is a must all year round as the sun starts to make an appearance, maybe increase the spf rating to at least 30!


In June, July and August, skincare can take two different avenues, some people find their skin is super oily due to the increase in heat and humidity. Others find the sun and warmer weather can dry their skin out and have an adverse effect creating breakouts and cracks. Either skin type in summer needs special attention and contrary to popular belief both need a boat of hydration. Hydrating oily skin counteracts to oils and helps settle the skin back to it’s normal skin oil products and hydrating dry skin helps you achieve that plump summer glow!

  •  Vitamin C Skincare Duo  - Our Vitamin C duo in summer would be the perfect start to your skincare routine, Clearing any excess oil and adding extra vitamin C and B5 into your skin for a gorgeous glowy complexion. We also recommend using your spf every day and checking the UV rays as to when to re-apply. This is a step you cannot forget especially if you are keeping up with your anti-aging retinol routine for those ageless summer memories.

  •  Retinol & Niacinamide Day Cream - Niacinamide can also help control any breakouts that might come with excess oil and sweating, but do not be afraid to hydrate and add products onto your acne/ spots as this will help them heal quicker with no scarring.

  • Green Tea & Vitamin E Cleansing Balm - For sunburnt skin avoid anything harsh for at least 48 hours whilst the skin calms down! Our Cleansing balm with Green Tea and Vitamin E may help to cool and calm the skin whilst speeding up any sore/ tight skin feelings.



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Whilst autumn and spring are similar in their skincare needs, your Autumn skin may experience the change in weather more significantly as the UK is known to lose its summer heat overnight from August to September. Whilst Autumn technically falls between September to November your skin needs all the hydration and care as you can give it.



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Cycling back round to winter… here we go again!

Now you know the key ingredients and skincare practices for glowing, clear, anti-aging skin all year round! 

What are you waiting for? Give Me Skincare NOW!




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