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It's Acne Awareness Month

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that affects 95% of people in the UK at some point in their life. With acne symptoms ranging from breakouts to blackheads, under the skin spots to scarring acne can take its toll on the skin, your health and your mental state.

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What causes Acne?

Acne is caused by a range of different triggers including hormonal changes, the weather, pollution and even other medication or medicines. The breakouts and uneven skin tone occur when the skin's hair follicles get clogged with oil and other dead skin cells.


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What Ingredients can treat Acne?

Acne is treatable and often cured or maintained with a rigorous skincare routine.

Key ingredients for fighting acne are -

Vitamin C

Hyaluronic Acid


Salicylic Acid 

And using a retinoid for treating acne scars! 

Remember it is important to treat your acne with as much hydration as possible to reduce the possibility of acne from leaving dark scars. Hydrating acne can also help it clear quicker and drying it out can cause more irritation.

Acne can have a severe impact on a person's mental health too as acne and scarring does not necessarily fit into the idea of normal society beauty standards. This can leave acne sufferers with generalised and social anxiety, often igniting the urge if possible to cover the acne up.



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Should I Cover up Acne?

Covering acne can actually make the irritation and spots worse as it causes unnecessary irritation and clog with bacteria. Fortunately, Makeup has evolved and is no longer seen as the devil in acne prone skin. 2024 makeup/ skincare hybrids have revolutionised the effects makeup has on skin however, that being said… always check the ingredients! Letting skin breathe can be the best routine to clearing up acne.

Ditch the Toothpaste! We all did it as teenangers to dry out a spot! 

One myth we’d like to debunk is drying out your spots. To an extent yes, however this can lead to painful irritation and in some cases, invite permanent scarring in adult life. Moisturising and hydrating blemish areas with the correct ingredients will help to heal and repair the skin's natural barrier. 

All acne can vary and there is not a one size fits all so if you are struggling with severe acne, we would advise that you can speak to your GP or pharmacist about recommended treatments.

Now acne and problem skin might not be the ideal skin type but your skin actually protects your body, your organs and keeps you alive! And that is something that should be celebrated even with a couple of imperfections! 


Let's Celebrate Acne

Celebs like Millie bobby brown have embraced and celebrated their imperfections and paved a new way of confidence for the younger generation of blemish beholders by wearing spot patches in sticker forms which is a breath of fresh air to see. 





With over 65 million people worldwide with acne…. You are not alone! Don’t be afraid to show your blemishes and imperfections, and wear them with pride! 

A global perspective on the epidemiology of acne

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