We have NEVER done anything like this before…. - Give Me Cosmetics

We have NEVER done anything like this before….

We have NEVER done anything like this before….



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Introducing Give Me For Men! We have transformed your favourite Give Me Cosmetics formulas into aromatic Sandalwood and Tonka Bean essentials for him!

We have just launched into a brand new territory for Give Me and we are so excited to grow this new range with you, our loyal customer, in mind.



Let’s run down the Essentials for men and show you what you could be missing.

Starting off with our Sandalwood & Tonka Bean Sulphate and Silicone-Free Shampoo with the Give Me staple ingredient of Coconut Oil! This formula also contains cleansing and nourishing ingredients such as Niacinamide and Salicylic acid.

We wouldn’t be Give Me without a matching set so we have paired this up with a matching Sandalwood and Tonka Bean Sulphate Free Conditioner. Both 300ml and both packed with hair loving ingredients.



@givemeformen All you need to know about our latest drop😱🤩 #givemecosmetics #givemeformen #formen #menselfcare #maleselfcare #menspersonalcare #giveme #givemecosmeticshaircare ♬ original sound - Give Me For Men


This BRAND NEW hair range will help exfoliate the scalp and nourish the ends whilst promoting hair growth and a healthy environment for new hair to thrive.

Following the rich aromas of the luxurious Sandalwood and Tonka Bean we have developed our first ever Body Wash with more Niacinamide and Salicylic Acid for a boosted skin barrier. This Body Wash also has Shea Butter for a deep hydration and healthier skin.

We have pulled these 3 brand new items together for the ultimate essentials for men so that men can treat themself to a pamper too.





Self care is very important for everyone and especially for men who may not practise it as much as women. Taking 5-15 minutes to have a nice hot shower with the luxurious aromas can instantly uplift your mood.

You can get your hands on the new for mens range as individual items or in bundles. We have paired together the Shampoo and Conditioner for the perfect hairwash bundle and we have also brought together the 3 essentials which come perfectly packaged in a gift box!



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