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Introducing the Summer GLOW Saver bundle

Get ready to GLOW this summer with our BRAND NEW Summer Glow Saver skincare bundle with 5 must-have hydrating products to plump and nourish your skin in these sunny months.

We have brought together best selling skincare products with high end ingredients to help you achieve that glass skin on a budget. We have slashed the price of this bundle to make it affordable for all, allowing everyone to treat themselves for less!

Now just £25 for 5 Give Me Skincare items worth £67



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Included and the steps to follow are- 

The Retinol and Witch Hazel Face Toner, Lightly press this anti aging formula into the skin for reduced fine lines, tighter pores and a smoother complexion. This Toner is the perfect base to layer your hydrating products over the top and using the first creates an antiaging base with long lasting anti inflammatory benefits.

Next we recommend applying our Hyaluronic Acid Serum drops! 3 will do it, evenly distributed around the face. This Serum is a source of prolonged hydration and will keep your skin looking plump all day long. Want to achieve the VIRAL glass skin…. This is your secret recipe and this serum is the key to reaching the ultimate hydration!



We then have our ever famous Eye Cream with Avocado Oil and Vitamin E. This anti-aging, brightening and hydrating formula will have your eyes looking bright all summer long! Packed with natural vitamins and nutrients this eye cream is viral for a reason…. THE RESULTS.

We move onto the product of the summer! Our Day Cream with Niacinamide and Retinol. This is our go to product due to its lightweight formula, gel like cooling sensation and full of premium skincare ingredients. It has a blurring effect perfect for under a light dusting of makeup whilst allowing the glow to shine through.




Lastly we have our Rejuvenating Overnight Cream! This sensational formula is the pièce de résistance of your summer glow routine. This vitamin rich formula is going to work skin magic overnight to help keep the hydration locked in ready for the day to begin again! Wake up refreshed and notice your skin feeling supple and looking soft.

Use the Summer Glow Saver bundle AM and PM changing the Day Cream and Overnight Cream where needed and be sure to glow all summer long.

In the Summer months it is easy to accidentally allow our skin to dry out with the warmer weather and sun beating down on our daily activities. With this bundle you are sure to stay hydrated and look after your skin whilst saving a tonne with the new Summer Glow Bundle!

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