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Claw Clip Hairstyles

We’re sure you’re seeing all your favourite influencers and celebs with this go-to hair accessory: Claw Clips.

From sleek, straightforward designs to fun, floral options, claw clips are a great way to accessorise your hair whilst also being a practical tool.

Claw clip hairstyles are a big trend right now, with TikTok videos and Instagram feeds full of different options to try.

Plus, hairstyles with claw clips are varied, so whether you’re a bob queen or love some long, luscious locks, there’s something for everyone!

Claw clips are known as a popular 90s accessory, but were actually created in 1989 by French inventor Christian Potut, combining the functions of combs and hair clips.

Let’s take a deeper look at these genius accessories…


Are Claw Clips Bad For Your Hair?


Before we delve into all the fun things you can do with claw clips, let’s dispel the myth that they’re bad for your hair.


This gripping invention (see what we did there?), is considered to be a lot healthier for hair than other hair accessories like bobbles, and here are a few reasons why:


  • Less friction: Claw clips create less friction than other hair accessories which reduces tugging and snapping, preventing hair breakage and damage.
      • The material that claw clips are made of helps this too, with soft edges to protect the hair.


  • Gentle: They put less pressure on the hair, again helping to prevent breakage and not giving you that tight, headachy feeling that a long day in a bobble can give.

  • Versatile: Used for tonnes of different hairstyles, claw clips are versatile, so whether it’s a put-together updo or a quick gym hairstyle, they’re always there for support!

  • Sturdy: Bigger claw clips with longer teeth and wider spacing are brilliant for securing long, thick, curly hair.

    Some pointers to also keep in mind are to not wrap hair too tightly in a claw clip and switch up the way you wear it from time to time.


    * We also advise avoiding wearing a claw clip whilst driving as this could be dangerous in accidents.


    Now, let’s get into the fun part…introducing the Give Me Cosmetics claw clips:


    A mint green Give Me Cosmetics claw clip.

    The Give Me Mint Claw Clip has a strong hold that secures thick hairstyles all day long. This unique square design is lightweight and stylish and adds a minty freshness to your look!

    Hairstyles to try with this clip:

    With its strong grip and sleek design, this clip would be great for a half-up/half-down hairstyle, as well as a high bun/pony look.

    For the full hair styling experience, you can also get this clip in our Mini Hair Styler Kit.


    A peach Give Me Cosmetics claw clip.


    Whether it’s a summery look or you need to add some vibrancy to a winter outfit, the Give Me Peach Claw Clip is a must for effortless hair styling.


    With its quirky zig-zag design, it holds thick hair and adds a fun punch of colour to any look.


    Hairstyles to try with this clip:


    This clip adds an elevated look to hairstyles like a modified French twist, a messy bun, or a twisted updo.


    A light purple Give Me Cosmetics claw clip.


    The Give Me Purple Claw Clip includes 9 claws for an extra secure grasp, so is ideal for long, thick, and curly hair. 


    Hairstyles to try with this clip:


    Not only is this clip perfect for a secured all-day hairstyle, but it adds a bright pop of colour to any look and would be ideal for a curly updo or an effortless bun or ponytail.



    We love a good claw clip moment, and thankfully, they’ve stood the test of time from the 80s to now - and hopefully far into the future.


    Give your hair the extra security it deserves today and add our Give Me Cosmetics Claw Clips to your hair accessory roster!

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