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Happy National Kissing Day!

Who knew there was a day dedicated to locking lips? We did!

National Kissing Day is a day dedicated to showing love and improving health. You heard us right, kissing can relieve stress, burn calories, and benefit your immunity (We’re sure that’s what’s got Joey doing so much smooching on Love Island.)



Kissing became mainstream thanks to the Romans and back then it was used as a sign of friendship. 


Today, we still use the act of kissing as a way to communicate, whether it’s communicating love, greeting someone, or even partaking in a game - hopscotch, anyone? 



Our lip products are here to keep your lips hydrated and ready to pucker up whenever you need to:


4 tubs of the Give Me Cosmetics lip scrubs stacked on top of each other next to their set box.

Our lip scrubs help to gently exfoliate, leaving you with smooth lips. Grab yours in a single or in our Lip Scrub Set.


A light blue tube of the Give Me Cosmetics Lemonade Lip Repair.

Our Lemonade Lip Repair is super-hydrating and is a must for sore and chapped lips all year round.


A light pink tub of the Give Me Cosmetics Pink Champagne Lip Mask.

Our Pink Champagne Lip Mask gives you soft and supple lips, and contains a mix of nourishing oils including jojoba oil, shea butter, avocado oil, sunflower seed oil and coconut oil.

4 tubs of the Give Me Cosmetics Lip Scrubs in between their set box and a light blue tube of the Lemonade Lip Repair.

Our Lip Revival Kit contains 1 Lip Scrub Set with 4 lip scrubs, and our lemonade lip repair.


To celebrate National Kissing Day, use code KISS for 10% off lip scrubs - Happy kissing!

Please note that this offer has now finished!

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