5 Tips for a Night-time Skincare Routine

5 Tips for a Night-time Skincare Routine

Many people will admit that they do not have a night-time skincare routine. There is such an importance to night - time skincare as sleep can improve rejuvenation and repair skin!


Don’t worry if your new to this, Give Me has a little step by step to help you with your night-time skin rejuvenation.


  1. Use a Makeup Remover – It is vital to remove your makeup before bed to ensure your pores have chance to breathe. Removing your makeup can prevent clogged pores which lead to breakouts.

  2. Mask & Chill – Use a hydrating Face Mask before bed for lasting hydration, skin strength & elasticity.

  3. Apply a Serum - Using a serum at night can help create a smoother, firmer complexion. It can also increase moisture levels which will reduce pore size.

  4. Use a Moisturiser – By moisturising every night, it can reduce extreme dryness or oily skin.


  1. Sleep is keySleep actually helps to recover moisture. Lack of sleep can cause dehydration in your skin which can lead to heavy bags under your eyes and speed up the ageing process!


Melissa Bowker

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