10 REAL Hacks to Healthier Hair


We're all impatient when it comes to hair growth, we spend a fortune to try and make our hair grow faster, thicker and shinier. The most outrages thing is that we expect these results over night!


But the truth is, hair growth is a waiting game! You can try all the craziest trends such as magic heated brushes or natural remedies with onions, garlic, vinegar but in the end, your hair will be no longer in 10 minutes and your hair will just stink.  

On average, hair grows 1 inch every six weeks. There are however a few tips to ensure your hair grows with health, shine and fullness.


Here’s 10 REAL hacks to healthier hair.


  1. Frequent Trims

It may sound silly because cutting your hair means starting back at the beginning but regularly getting you hair trimmed eliminates the split ends in your hair that create breakages. Getting your hair trimmed helps develops the look of thicker, fuller hair.


  1. Resist the Urge to Bleach

Many people want to go blonde or in most cases turn their heads into rainbows but to do this, your hair must be stripped and bleached. When this happens, the hair follicles are badly damaged and the natural oils that help give your hair life and shine, go to die. The process then creates straw-like hair that is flat, lifeless and quite often leads to hair loss. Try more natural alternatives when colouring your hair rather than harsh chemicals.


  1. Preserve your Hairs Oil

Washing your hair everyday will strip away your hair natural moisture that creates shine and bounce and strength. If you over shampoo, your hair will become dry and brittle. It will feel like it goes greasy instantaneously because it trying to redeem the oils to grow. Try and wash your hair at the most 3 times a week to retain a healthy style. For the ultimate rehab for brittle hair, start off with washing your hair once a week. It will feel weird at first, but this will help develop your hairs strength and your hair will feel alive after every wash.


  1. Eat Protein

Veganism is huge in this generation but when cutting out protein and dairy, your body isn’t gaining the vitamins it needs to grow and repair itself. Completely going cold turkey (pardon the pun) from meat and dairy can cause dullness and brittleness in the skin and the same goes for hair; if your hair isn’t given the nutrition it needs it can lead to hair loss. If you choose to pursue this lifestyle you MUST find other alternatives to help feed your body. Food like nuts, beans, lentils and tofu are a great source of protein to build back your body’s strength. Milk alternatives such as soy and almond milk are also ideal for vitamin intake.


  1. Avoid Heat Styling Tools

Everyone loves a styling wand! But overuse of straightening, blow drying, and heat based curling, will burn your hair. This will result in your locks looking brittle and full of split ends. When possible, towel dry only and if you really have to, try alternative curling methods that don’t include heat.


  1. Stop with the FAD Cleanses

Detox diets are bad! Juicing or using meal replacement shots/ drinks/ tablets are not a healthy way to lose weight and your body knows this. By cleansing your body, you are ridding it of all the good bacteria, fats and vitamins your body feeds on. Take them away and you are left with weak, limp and lifeless skin, hair and nails.


  1. Use a Conditioning Mask

Using a leave in conditioning mask is the ultimate spa treatment for your scalp and roots. Your hair LOVES it! Adding a conditioning treatment regularly creates full and shiny locks bursting with locked in moisture and bounce. Masking is a MUST to your beauty regime. – For the best results use GIVE ME’S Hair Mask.


  1. Be Gentle on Wet hair

Hair is at its most fragile when wet so take extra care when brushing. Ideally you should use a detangling or wet brush that will easily glide through your hair. GIVE ME’S Detangling Brush is perfect for tackling wet tangles.



  1. Treat Your Hair the Way You Would Your Skin

If you have a moisturising routine with your skin, you should have one for your hair. It isn’t enough to use shampoo and conditioner in the shower and then starve your hair of any more treatment. Using serums, creams and moisture sprays will help build extra strength in your hair, producing thickness and ensuring a healthy growth. 


  1. Avoid Tight Up-dos

We all do it, from tying your hair back for the gym to having a ‘Can’t deal with my hair day’, scraping your hair back is extremely harmful for your hair roots as it unnaturally pulls your hair out of its roots when the hair follicles are not ready. This will lead to breakage in the roots and therefore hair loss.




Melissa Bowker

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