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Level up your hair accessories!

From bobbles and headbands to Satin Pillowcases and Microfibre Hair Wraps, our hair accessories have really leveled up and Give Me Cosmetics have been at the forefront of accessory innovation with over 15 premium products! Give Me’s main focus of hair accessories have been all about preventing hair damage and promoting self care, with specialised accessories you didn’t even know you needed. 




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Here’s all the hair accessories you need and how to use them…

We have your basic hair care needs taken care of with 4 satin silk scrunchies made with a luxurious fabric to prevent hair breakage whilst still preparing all of your updos. 

These come in 4 different colours in 2 different colour ways. Cream and Mint, Plum and Pink and they are all super stretchy & super cute for all hair types, lengths and thicknesses.

Disclaimer: Using a regular bobble or elastic hair tie will allow the hair to snap due to the friction between them. A satin fabric allows for a little bit of slip rather than a firm hair breaking hold whilst still keeping your hair in its place.

We also have 3 more ways to keep your hair looking fabulous whilst being secure. These come in the form of our claw clips, with new colourways and designs we have a claw clip for whatever the weather or whatever your mood. From our original cute lilac curved design to our simple mint shape for your slick and sophisticated look, all the way to our fun and quirky geometric peach!

What all of these claw clips achieve is a wide grip so these are perfect for all hair types and lengths and again thicknesses. These pops of pastel colours work perfectly in all hair colours and textures too! Whilst being a fashion statement the Claw Clip is also perfect for limiting hair breakage and protecting your hair.

Want to sleep, Protect and wake up refreshed then we have just the bundle for you… The Sleep and Protect Bundle of course!




It’s time to ditch the cotton pillowcase for something a little bit more glamorous! Our Satin Pillowcase is a gorgeous teal suitable for all regular pillows. This Satin Pillowcase has many benefits for your hair, skin and for your sleeping routine!

Whilst remaining a constant cool feeling, this pillowcase will stop that pillow flipping routine that we all know and do. But this isn’t just about comfort.The satin silk has genuine beauty benefits. As a cotton pillowcase will drag the skin and promote the production of wrinklies the slip of the satin removes this friction so it is technically anti-aging! This friction also applies to healthier hair and it reduces the chances of breakage.

Paired with the Satin heatless curlers this is a match made in healthy hair heaven!




If you are still using heat to curl your hair in this day and age what are you thinking?? It’s 2024!

Our Satin Heatless Curlers with their innovative halo effect are the talk of TikTok going viral and nearly selling out in its first run. Noone has seen results or known comfort like this.

And if you're not sure how to use them… Read this blog next


The Satin Silk rods help to curl the hair with no breakage and the halo effect is for a secure hold and comfy nights sleep. This is a much better alternative than using heat to break and fry your hair! The Heatless Curler and Satin Pillowcase work in unison for less breakage and healthier hair. This also eliminates frizz for neater curls!

We’re not done yet!

Of course we had to include our Hair Wrap with its iconic pattern. This isn’t just about drying your hair, it is a super cute fashion statement and ideal for looking after your hair as it is more fragile when it is wet! 

The Microfibre Hair Wrap allows for speedy drying and no drips but its soft material again illuminates breakage and damage! This is also perfect for popping in a hair mask and letting it marinate with no drips! It is also perfect for all hair types, lengths and thicknesses!



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We also couldn’t forget our Non- crease clips! A must have for securing your hair away for makeup looks but without leaving a mark in your hair! These can also be useful for pin curls and hollywood waves, if you don’t have them in your beauty bag you’re missing out!

If fleece is your thing our Splash-Free Bundle will be right up your street. With super soft material and a design you never knew you needed until now our headband and wrist wash bands are going to become a staple in your everyday routine!




Our Fleece headband allows you to gently keep the water off your face whilst you are washing it and applying other skincare and even make-up too! Then our Wrist Wash Bands allow you to wash your face with minimal splashing and no trickling drips, you know the ones! This is high fashion and high efficiency!

Finally we have hair brushes coming out our ears and one for every possible need-

We have the FAMOUS Flexy Paddle which moves and molds to the hair and head making pain free detangling a breeze! This innovative brush is sensory-friendly and praised by parents! It is also a must-have for extensions and something that once you try you won’t be able to forget!

We also have the Heat protective Vent Brush which is the sleekest blow dry you’ll ever achieve. With ventilation in the back this brush there is less risk of breakage when blow dry and say goodbye to heat damage (as long as you use a heat defence spray)



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We have a variation of combs in our Wide tooth Comb and Pin tail! Our wide tooth is perfect for brushing through your curls and gently detangling! Our pintail comb is a must-have for your updos and fits in nearly every handbag!

We have specialist Hair Brushes like our Curly Detangle Brush with its removable bar allowing the brush to move with the curls for less breakage and gentle curly detangling! 

Top tip: use this on wet hair with your conditioner or leave-in for a smooth detangle.

We also have our scalp massage which is heaven on earth in the shower, it’s like a spa at home! This silicone brush will exfoliate the scalp and lift product build up as well as dry skin, it is also a key part in your hair growth journey as it stimulates the scalp and promotes blood flow to the hair follicles. It works well with your shampoo to build up a lather and even better to work in our scalp scrub!




Lastly we have our OG detangling hairbrush, perfect size, small but mighty a personal favourite for evenly distributing your hair mask of choice! With multi-layer bristles for smoother hair and less frizz when detangling.

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