How to use our Satin Heatless Curlers - Give Me Cosmetics

How to use our Satin Heatless Curlers

You may have seen Heatless Curlers all over TikTok recently, as they are a hair essential and we are officially bringing you your new go-to Give Me Cosmetics products. 


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Not only does curling your hair cause damage to its overall quality, but it can also be time-consuming and can often not last long. 

Introducing our new Heatless Curlers! They are time-efficient, produce long-lasting curls and won’t do any damage to your hair, as no heat is needed. 

Heatless Curlers Give Me Cosmetics

Give Me Cosmetics Satin Heatless Curlers

Plus, combined with our new Satin Pillowcase you will have a cozy and luxurious night sleep whilst taming frizz, reducing breakage and improving overall skin results and retain moisture.

Satin Pillowcase Give Me CosmeticsGive Me Cosmetics Satin Pillowcase

Your luxurious Heatless Curls can be achieved with just a couple of steps, whether this is before you go to bed, whilst getting on with your day or just relaxing at home, you won’t be sitting styling your hair for hours as the curlers will do this for you! 


Our Heatless Curlers Step by Step routine: 


Heatless Curlers Tutorial

@jadesiian using our Heatless Curlers

Step 1: Make sure that your Heatless Curler is in the middle section of your head to ensure you’re able to reach the back of the hair


Step 2: Section your hair into two parts, ensuring that it is even.


Step 3: Secure your Heatless Curler in place by clipping it to your hair tightly with our claw clip. 


The key to long-lasting curls with a Heatless Curler is tightness. Make sure that all the hair is pulled and wrapped around the Heatless Curler tightly. 


Step 4: Take the left parting of your hair and take a small section and wrap this around the Heatless Curler. Continue taking sections from the front to the original piece and continuously wrap the hair around the Heatless Curler, pulling your hair tight. 


Step 5: Once you're halfway down the curler and you have half of the hair section left, you then bring the WHOLE of the back piece forward and you then wrap the two lots of hair in a criss-cross motion. 


Step 6: Continue step 5 all of the way down until there’s no hair left to wrap around the Heatless Curler. 


Step 7: Secure the hair at the end of the Heatless Curler tight with a scrunchie. 


Step 8: Repeat all steps from 4-7 on the other side of your head.


Step 9: Once all of your hair is tight and secure in the Heatless Curler, remove the clip. 


Step 10: Take both sides of the Heatless Curler and tighten by twisting the curler into your head so it’s tightly secure. 


Step 11: Take the bottom of the Heatless Curler and clip the bottom onto the top on both sides so the Heatless Curler is secure. 

You can now enjoy your gorgeous curls and continue using these everyday for an easy hair style routine or to enjoy luxurious bouncy hair. Paired with our Satin Pillowcases, your night-time routine will be your favourite time of the day.


It is officially a match made in heaven. 


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