Satin Heatless Curlers


The Satin Heatless Curlers are the perfect way to get beautiful curls without any heat damage. Our easy-to-use 4-piece set features 2 satin scrunchies, 1 claw clip and a super soft satin padded rod with convenient buttons to securely clip into place. You can now sleep comfortably whilst this set creates soft, voluminous curls. Reduce breakage, frizz, and say goodbye to heat damage with these super easy Satin Heatless Curlers.


Step 1. With damp hair, section it into two and apply the rod to the top of the head and secure it with the Claw Clip included. 

Step 2. Start on one side and take a piece of hair from the front and begin to wrap around the rod. (thickness can be determined by the size of curl you wish for). Then add the next piece of hair and add to the existing strand and continue the process. Take an extra piece of hair and add as you wrap and work your way down the rod. 

Step 3. Once you run out of hair on one side, secure with a satin scrunchie and begin the process again on the other side. 

Step 4. Take both sides of the rod and clip it into place at the top of the head. (Remove the clip) 

Step 5. Leave in for a few hours or sleep overnight in the heatless curlers for maximum effect. 

Colour: Turquoise 

Washing instructions:

  • Do not tumble dry
  • Air dry flat
  • Wash with similar colours at 30°
  • Size - 50x75cm



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