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Wide Tooth Comb for Curly Hair

Wide Tooth Comb

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Experience gentle detangling tailored for thick, curly hair with our wide tooth comb. Say goodbye to frizz and breakage while preserving the definition of your curls with ease.

Hair Breakage

Hair Styling

Goes well with


Create show-stopping beach waves with our Wide Tooth Comb.

Crafted with thick and curly hair in mind, enjoy a gentle detangling session without risking frizz, breakage, or disrupting your curl definition. Effortlessly glide through knots and tangles with our Wide Tooth Comb, perfect for transforming tight curls into sleek waves.

TOP TIP: Use our Mango & Passion Fruit Hair Serum for that frizz free finish.


  • Frizz-free
  • Breakage-free
  • Smooth beach waves
  • Pain-free
  • Deep wide teeth for thick and curly hair





Smooth beach waves 


Deep wide teeth for thick and curly hair


The Wide Tooth Comb, is ideal for brushing out Hollywood waves or detangling curly hair

Suitable for

All hair types

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