Shampoo - Argan Oil & Coconut Oil


Thicker, intensely hydrating formula; ideal for thick, coarse or damaged, dry hair.

Our Coconut & Argan Oil Shampoo is a must-try for every hair-washing routine!

The paraben-free Shampoo contains a healthy dose of Provitamins B5 which is used to increase elasticity in the hair strands and absorb water content for added moisture.

Enriched with creamy Coconut & Argan Oil, the ingredients work together to moisturise, support & strengthen hair follicles for thoroughly cleansed, soft & shiny hair, full of lift and bounce. 

The shampoo also contains added Macadamia Oil & Betaine to contribute to increased strength and nourishment; helping to increase hair protein and reducing hair loss and brittle strands.  

Always apply a test patch on your elbow/behind the ear to test your reaction to the formula. 

For the ultimate 3-in-1 Hairwash experience why not upgrade to our Haircare Bundle? Containing Shampoo, Conditioner, and your favourite Hair Mask! 

Please note Our shampoo and conditioner cap colours can vary. For example, some shampoo and conditioner will have white caps, and others could have pink caps. You will always receive the same colour for this product and not be mismatched. 



*Packaging may vary

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