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Why The Curly community are rushing to buy the Give Me Four Curls

And how Four Curls has taken over!

The curly community is a tough nut to crack, but Four Curls has done just that with record sales and selling out in record time! We seriously underestimated how much you guys would love it!


When we were researching curly-specific products available in today's market, we noticed how expensive all the products were! With single products such as shampoo costing a whopping £15! We were in shock! We couldn’t see the fairness in pricing a product higher, just because a customer had curly hair. They didn’t choose this hair, so why pay over the odds with something you are born with? And with the current cost of living crisis, who can afford to pay through the roof just for defined curls?

We made sure when developing, to price The Four Curls Hair Range at the same price as our other hair care ranges, sticking to the premise that all haircare should be priced equally and fairly. 



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We were also shocked about all the excess ingredients that were included in other curly hair ranges out there, leaving curls feeling heavy, lank and coated! Curls need to feel weightless not weighed down, this helps to produce more volume and bounce. With The Four Curls Hair Range containing ingredients that are Sulphate, Silicone and Paraben-free there are no unnecessary ingredients added! We have rammed in all the goodness your curls cry out for including, Coconut oil, Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Castor Oil.  




It is important to hydrate and moisturise your curls in order to increase shine, bounce and reduce frizz. Four Curls has its iconic name as it covers all 4 types of curls, kinks, coils, waves and of course curls.

The Curly community have taken to social media to sing about the amazing results that they have had with The Give Me Cosmetics Four Curls Hair Range, with transformations from flat and frizzy to full and lucious! The Curly community is known for being vocal about curly products they love and are often closed off to new products and breaking from routine. I mean if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? But the reviews from our Curly Club using The Four Curls Hair Range speak for themselves!




With the whole range selling out at the beginning of 2023 and restocking as soon as we could, then launching our Four Curls Subscription so you guys didn’t run out of your new favourite haircare, that's when we knew that it would be a good year for the curly range and a new dawn for the curly community! 



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Watch this space for more exciting NEW Products coming 2023…


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I really do recommend the passion fruit hair care set. My hair is always dried and fried but after used this for the first time I left my hair silky smooth and very shiny. Well worth the buy!!!

Amy Dunbar

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