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5 Reasons Why You Need A Flexy Paddle Brush In Your Life

The wait is over. Our best-selling Flexy Paddle Brush is back!

Discover why EVERYONE loves our best-selling Paddle Brush.

 No More Tantrum and Hair Pulling

The soft bristles and loop-designed back make the brushing and detangling process easy, manageable and pain free.

Designed with scalp sensitivity in mind, our brush has quickly become a customer's favourite. We have received numerous positive reviews from parents who often struggled with brushing their little ones' hair due to sensitive scalps or a sensory sensitivity popular amongst children with Autism.



Prevents Frizz & Painful Hair Loss

 Brushing your hair with the wrong brush can sometime lead to unwanted  frizz and unnecessary hair loss. Our Flexy Paddle Brush is designed to gently glide through your tresses with ease, without causing any friction that can lead to frizz.


This brush works perfectly on all hair types, textures and lengths. It can be used on wet and dry hair. And we have some cool curly hair styles achieved with our brush. Watch below.


@givemecosmetics Incoming luscious curls 😍😍 @NooriGlow tested our hair repair cream and we are obsessed 🤩 #givemecosmetics #haircare #hairtok#hairtips ♬ original sound - Give Me Cosmetics


Stimulates Blood Circulation

The gentle action of massaging your hair and scalp with our Paddle Brush stimulates blood circulation which helps with the overall growing process of your hair.



Double Up The Benefits With Our Tangle Tamer Bundle

The Tangle Tamer Bundle includes the Flexy Paddle Brush, our best-selling Argan Oil & Coconut Oil Hair Mask and our innovative Hair Repair Cream. The bundle is designed to soften and nourish tatty, knotty hair for a gentle and pain-free hair brushing experience.


@givemecosmetics @Naomibouncyblows hair results are UNREAL 😍😍 using our Hair Mask & Hair Repair Cream #hairtok #hairstyle #bouncyhair ♬ original sound - 🫶🏽.


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I just bought the flex paddle brush, it is amazing! My hair is long and fine but gets quite knotted when I wash it, this brush glides through so easily, love it 🥰

Jane Campbell

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