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The Eco- Friendly Way To Remove Your Makeup

Removing make-up is a vital part of our beauty regime, it can be a ball ache, but it is also a strict no-no to sleep with your make on.


So, what’s your make up remover routine?


The majority of people would say – Make-up Wipes.



They are quick, they are simple and they remove make-up fast. But there are a few homes truths about our favourite monthly beauty purchases.


  1. Make-up Wipes can become costly – You may think that buying a pack of wipes at £1-£2 for a pack of 25 are cheap but if you are a make-up enthusiast you could be needing up to 2-3 wipes at a time to remove everything; not mention the pain of removing waterproof make-up! Plus, if you have sensitive skin then you’re going to be paying through the roof to find a pack suited to your needs.

  2. Make-up wipes contain huge amounts of toxic chemical components to keep them moist, effective and preserved. Methylisothiazolinone (MI), parabens, alcohol denat (ethanol or ethyl alcohol) and triclosan are some of the chemicals which you'll find in your make-up removing wipes. The chemicals will not only dry out and irritate the skin but in addition suffocate your pores. If you wear a substantial amount of make up on a daily basis, your complexion is blocked and when you remove it, your skin should be able to breathe. This isn’t the case, make-up wipes leave a residue that contain high levels of solublisers, surfacants and emulsifiers and if it isn’t rinsed away immediately it can build up and collect in the pores, causing blockage, a greasy complexation and break outs.

  3. Make-up Wipes are the main contributor to landfill waste! 1 make-up wipe can take up to 100 years to break down as it contains single use plastics. If one person uses 1-3 wipes a day, that can add to up to 700 wipes a year!



Luckily, we have a solution for you! Give Me Cosmetics have designed a make-up remover that not only benefits from non- toxic removal but also encourages an eco-friendly alternative. Everybody wins!


The ECO Pad, created with your skin and the environment in mind, our fluffy re-usable pad pairs up with water to create an ultra-clean feeling removal.


The super easy pad is not only soft to touch with its specially selected fuzzy microfibres but in addition, each fibre reaches deep into the pores, scooping out collected dirt & oils without any harsh chemicals. 


A purple tub of the Give Me Cosmetics Makeup Remover

Makeup Remover - £12


Pair it up with our Anti-Ageing Makeup Remover for the ultimate cleansing routine. Rich in nourishing oils, vitamins and antioxidants  this formula instantly melts away any waterproof and long-wearing makeup residue, leaving your skin cleanse and your pores unclogged.


"I'm really impressed with this... I love it! TRY IT!




The best thing about the ECO Pad, it’s machine washable! Say goodbye to single use plastic and hello to a modern way of removing make-up. Simply throw the ECO pad into the washing machine every 7 days and rinse with anti-bacterial soap in-between washes.


Available in 2 colours, Pink & Black. The ECO Pad fits perfectly in any make-up bag and ideal for travelling.


And for stubborn make-up, why not pair up the ECO Pad with your favourite all-natural Make-up removing cleansers for a toxic free cleanse without damaging the environment.


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