Here’s Why you should be using an Eco Pad to Remove your Make-up Instead of a Flannel

Here’s Why you should be using an Eco Pad to Remove your Make-up Instead of a Flannel

Since the horrifying discovery that our single-use make-up wipes are damaging the environment, actions have been made to alter our Make-up removing routine but with all the new options out there to dispose of make-up, how do we know which is the most suitable for our skin?



Many people have to opted to go old school and return to the trusty face cloth/flannel to wash their faces. Whilst this is beneficial to the environment, it might not be the best method of removing dirt from the skin. When eliminating make-up with a flannel, using solely water, it may prove to be quite a task to remove all traces, especially when wearing waterproof make-up. It could lead to excessive rubbing against the skin, leaving your skin raw and excess make-up smudged across your face. The course fibres in a flannel can act as an exfoliant, which could be great for removing dead skin cells but if your skin is rather sensitive this may aggravate it and leave your face sore.  In addition, the continuous rubbing on a delicate area, such as your eyes with a rough texture with increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This could become quite a burden each evening as you go to remove your make-up.



Luckily there is another alternative to removing dirt and oils from your face without the painful rubbing. The Eco Pad is made up of tiny fluffy microfibres that penetrate clogged up pores with a soft feel against your skin.


The key difference between The Eco Pad and a flannel is surface area. The dense pile is made of many small threads, so there are a lot more threads in an Eco Pad than if they were normal sized. The greater the surface area, the more grip and friction the Eco Pad will have without you having to push down so hard – instead of 5 large fibres going over a particular area, you get 50 fibres.


To lift the make-up from the skin, the fibres need to grip onto the make-up and pull it off. This means the cloth will remove more make-up with less irritation.

The Eco Pad creates a more thorough cleaning experience. Smaller fibres can get into cracks too small for normal cloths and can get under finer particles of make-up.


It acts as a powerful adsorbent too. If there’s enough friction, the make-up will lift off the skin, unlike a flannel which will just be smeared around unless the cloth can grab onto it. Because there are so many fibres in the Eco Pad, these pads can bind to dirt and hold it better than a normal cloth.



Acting in the same way, when washing the Eco Pad with soap/face wash, the dirt will break away from the micro-fibres instantly, leaving a clean canvas to use the following night. The Eco Pad is also machine washable, throw the pad into the washing machine once a week and one Eco Pad could last you well over a year. That’s equivalent to 720 Make-up wipes a year!


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Melissa Bowker


Melissa Bowker

These really are the best ever, so soft and gentle on the skin too.

Melissa Bowker

I have never been so impressed. As a face painter, I go through so many wipes and am sure I’m damaging my skin. The Ecopad takes every spec of paint off just by the softest touch. My face always feels so clean and fresh after using this.
What an amazing product 👏🏽

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