People are Sending Beauty Hampers as Care Packages to Loved Ones Across the UK

People are Sending Beauty Hampers as Care Packages to Loved Ones Across the UK

During this unprecedented time, many individuals are spending self-isolation alone with growing anxieties of the world pandemic and no end date in sight.

It can become a very lonely time and moral may be very hard to come by for some families.


Fortunately, we live in a generation where the internet is at our disposal and the public has found new and creative ways of connecting to friends and families without entering their homes. From video chats to Tik Tok music videos & WhatsApp groups. As a nation, we are making sure that no person feels alone in this troubling climate and proving that our love has no boundaries.


In addition, people are taking advantage of online retail still running as normal by ordering beauty hampers to loved ones across the country to signify admiration for others from afar.


From Mother’s Day Gifts to Easter & Birthdays. No one will go without care from another despite households being separated.


Many Give Me Cosmetics customers have renamed the websites beauty hampers as Care Packages, shipping them to anyone who is in need of self-care and their spirits lifting.


It brings so much joy to beauty companies such as Give Me Cosmetics to see the public using the beauty brand as a community to keep people together during the government lockdown, reminding us that we are all in this together!


If you want to send a beauty Hamper (Care Package) to a loved one in isolation, it couldn’t be easier. Simply change the shipping address to the intended recipient and let them know that you are always there for them.


Access the website here.



Kindness will help the whole world get through this pandemic and come out stronger on the other end.


Love Give Me Cosmetics x



Melissa Bowker

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