How to: Stronger and Longer lashes...Start your lash journey today

How to: Stronger and Longer lashes...Start your lash journey today

Introducing our first product release of 2024….The Give Me Cosmetics lash Growth Elixir packed full of growth assisting and lash nourishing ingredients. Read about the all important ingredients, what's included verses what's not and a how to guide to apply it! 



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It’s time to start your lash journey!

Our Lash Growth Elixir has some key boosting ingredients including Rosemary Oil, Chamomile Extract, Biotin and Tripeptides!

As we already know Rosemary Oil is a must-have when discussing hair growth as the Rosemary Plant extract helps to unblock the hair follicle receptors that may be stunting growth. This magic ingredient also nourishes the root and nerve endings for stronger lashes from the initial growth. As this is a must-have ingredient, of course we included it in the Lash Growth Elixir.



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Another key ingredient is Biotin. Now you may see Biotin in vitamins and Supplements for hair and this is because Biotin is important for helping with the body's natural levels of keratin production and providing a strong space for a root to grow. Including this in our Lash Growth Elixir is going to help the lash root form a strong bond with its follicle and provide less lash shedding, maintaining full lashes whilst assisting with the growth. Biotin also helps to transform what we eat into hair energy, making your hair grow faster. This is a super ingredient!




Next we have Chamomile extract which primarily helps to nourish the lash for less breakage and a stronger, silkier lash. But this also stimulates blood circulation to the lash bed promoting the growth from the root. Before Lash serums were readily available it was a trend to use a chamomile tea bad lukewarm on your eyes to prevent puffiness and assist with lash growth.

There are also many antioxidant properties which are very important to assist in a healthier lash. So much pollution ends up on our skin so making sure it is clean every day is important, this Lash Elixir is also going to cleanse and nourish your lashes. Flooded with nourishing ingredients our magical formula is going to promote growth and prevent breakage.



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Shall we get down to business?

We know that there are 100’s if not 1000’s of Lash Serums for you to take on your Lash growth journey but deep down in the nitty gritty ingredients there may lurk harmful and dangerous ingredients. 

Other Lash Serums available on the market contain Prostaglandins also known as Prostaglandin Analogues which do support lash growth but have some concerning side effects that can affect your skin long term.

Prostaglandin analogues are an ingredient used in glaucoma medicine and different eye drops for treating infected eyes. Patients using this noticed their lashes were getting longer and this is why it is used in some lash serums…BUT… Prostaglandins have some serious side effects which cause a deep set in the eye, causing them to look, bigger and darker eye circles and bags and it can directly stain your eyelids where the lash serums are applied. This ingredient can cause life long skin effects and we don’t want that. 





Give Me Cosmetics Lash Growth Elixir DOES NOT contain any Prostaglandins! This is why you need to include this Lash Elixir in your new lash growth journey.

How to make the most of your Lash Growth Elixir -

Apply one swipe to your lash line both morning and night, Apply to the top and bottom lashes.

After 8 weeks reduce your application to once a day.

Results can be visible from 3-5 weeks but optimum results will be visible from 8 weeks.

Stick with it and you will see the incredible results this Elixir is capable of!

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