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How to perfect the ultimate tanning routine!

From head to toe, we have you covered for all things face and body care!

Now, we talk a lot about our skincare and the benefits for your face, acne and anti-ageing but we don’t often sing our body cares praises enough.

Our Body Care is like a little dark horse and often we can focus so much on our hair and face that we can sometimes forget a bit about our body.

Here is my ideal shower routine to keep my body happy, healthy and glowing, because who doesn’t want supermodel-looking legs!

To start with, I can often neglect my tanning routine and leave stubborn tan in patchy places for weeks after application! So when I'm doing my routine I start with the 5 Minute Magic Tan Remover to gently but effectively remove my tan. I apply the foam all over and massage it to gain that super luxurious pamper feeling! Unlike most tan removers, ours is not drying. I have tried a fair few and they always seem to leave my follicles irritated and my skin looking like the Sahara desert. 




The Magic Tan Remover contains soothing aloe vera so it is super gentle and hydrating with no harsh chemicals!

After 5 minutes is up (and yes that is how quick it really is) I turn the shower on and dampen my Exfoliating Bath Glove with lukewarm water. Then in gentle circular motions, I just exfoliate the tan away, and just like that, I am back to casper the friendly (but hydrated) ghost.



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And finishing with our super-hydrating Coconut oil and Shea Butter Body Soufflé, this unsung hero product is sure to have you smelling divine and super soft! With skin-loving ingredients I have said goodbye to strawberry marks and post shaving chicken skin and hello to satin-smooth skin. This is something that always made my tanning routine look patchy and ruins the confidence you get after a full MOT-type shower. 


The Body Soufflé texture, smell and feel is super luxurious and gentle on skin! It is a non- greasy formula and sinks straight into to skin without waiting around for your skin to dry before dressing. The hydration from this singular product is phenomenal but with all the Give Me Body Care together you will be sure to be GLOWING from head to toe.

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