Why we’ll Never Stop Talking about Hair Repair Cream…

Why we’ll Never Stop Talking about Hair Repair Cream…

When split ends are the bane of your life and you’ve damaged your hair way beyond its limits the Hair Repair Cream will come and save your life. 

Give Me Cosmetics Hair Repair Cream

With Vitamin B3 and B5, it is sure to hydrate dull and damaged ends and with magical wheat & corn protein fused together, your split ends will be no more! Most people pay through the roof for this luxurious type of treatment, when there really is no need! 

Give Me Cosmetics Hair Repair Cream

With the cost of living crisis shrinking everyones wallets,  haircuts seem to be a premium treatment that can cripple the bank. Give Me Cosmetics' Hair Repair Cream is a more affordable alternative to other high end salon and bonding treatments, resulting in your hair lasting longer between haircuts by using this damage - reverse cream.

As you can use The Hair Repair Cream on wet or dry hair, this at-home spa treatment radiates convenience, eliminating the tedious time wasting of waiting for your hair to dry. As someone who has personally damaged her hair with bleach, heat and every other youtube “Hack '' I can say this is the only product that has helped my hair grow, thicken and restore its original health!


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If you don’t believe me, here’s but a reviews from our lovely customers! 

Fiona W

“I used this for the first time this morning and I love it, you can feel the difference even with the first use!”

Nichola M

“Best products ever I absolutely swear by The Hair repair Cream it's amazing hair feels so soft and silky and my split ends are a lot better x”

Amy H

“This stuff is MAGIC! My hair has never looked as healthy as it does since I started using this!"


Give Me Cosmetics Hair Repair Cream

Give Me Cosmetics Hair Repair Cream




Let’s break down the bottle - These ingredients are just INSANE! 


Vitamin B3 + B5 - 

Increases elasticity 

Improves moisture hold capacity

Softens brittle hair

Wheat Protein-

Helps protect hair from styling damage.

Gives hair gloss and glass like shine.

Corn protein - 

Has significant benefits to repair hair with chemical damage by building the hair components back up.




Niacinamide - 

Niacinamide is a key ingredient to help grow strong, long hair.

It also can help improve the texture of hair that has been damaged as this helps to build natural Keratin.

Argan and Castor Oil-

A perfect duo that works together to heal hair targeting dryness and encouraging healthy growth with natural oil seed, vitamins and nutrients.

Coconut oil - 

Locks in moisture and seals it to prevent further damage.


Give Me Cosmetics Hair Repair Cream

Why would you not want all these ingredients in a simple, affordable and effective hair care step? At full price this product is only £12 and when on offer why not stock up for healthier, stronger and shinier hair all year round!

Our Hair Repair Cream rose to viral fame with its amazing benefits, ingredients and mind-blowing before & afters, resulting in noticeable differences after just one use. If you use it daily like I do you will be able to repair the years worth of damage quicker than you think!




So we will never stop talking about The Hair Repair Cream because -

-It is affordable yet leaves a luxury feel

-It is jam- packed full of hair boosting ingredients 

-It bonds together split ends whilst hydrates & smooths

-It is super easy to use on wet hair or dry hair

-It is available on subscription 

-A little goes a long way,

-It is worth the investment 

-It smells devine

-It really is magic in a bottle!


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Isobel Garner


Isobel Garner

What an informative blog! I’ve been using this for a while now and love the difference it makes to my hair. Thank you

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