How to look after colour treated hair

How to look after colour treated hair

Whilst pastel and rainbow shades are the coolest and latest hair craze to be taken on, it can become very high maintenance to maintain the colour after leaving your local salon. And with such extravagant hair colours costing a pretty penny, you don’t want to keep returning every couple of weeks to reinstate the deep tones.


So, here are 10 top tips to looking after and therefore prolonging colour treated hair:


  1. After colouring, wait a full 72 hrs before shampooing

During the process of colouring hair, the hair cuticle layer opens, making it easier for the hair dye to penetrate the hair shaft. The cuticle may stay open for a few days after your appointment so if you wash your hair straight away, the dye will still be loose and may wash out very easily. By waiting around three days after dyeing, you will give your new hair dye chance to truly soak into the cuticle and leaving the pigment to properly grasp onto your hair.  



  1. Add Dye to Your Conditioner

If your sporting a brighter look that involved heavy bleaching, the pigments can fade very easily. To maintain the luminosity of your shade, dilute a percentage of dye to your conditioner. Toners can be bought in many local supermarkets and beauty shops and can help to maintain the colour by slightly re-dying your hair every time you wash until your roots begin to grow.



  1. Turn Down the Temperature When Shampooing

We all love a good hot shower, especially during the winter, but if the temperature is too high, the hair cuticle opens and can cause your hair dye to bleed. Causing your colour to wash out as you shampoo and condition.

To prevent watching the colour you paid a lot for washing down the drain, try shampooing with warm water then rinse out with cold after conditioning. The warm water will help to thoroughly cleanse your hair whilst you shampoo and condition and the cold water will lock in the moisture but close the cuticle, preventing your hair from fading.


  1. Wash Your Hair Less Often

 It may feel clean to wash your hair everyday but, in the process, you are actually damaging your hair in the long run.

Hair needs a chance to develop its own natural oils that moisturise to leave your hair looking healthy and shiny. Washing everyday dries out the natural oils causing not only brittleness but also stripping the colour as your hair needs moisture to maintain the dye.

Try washing your hair 1-2 times a week instead to lock on moisture and maintain colour for longer.   



  1. On Off Days Use Dry Shampoo

If you are conscious of your hair looking greasy on the days you don’t wash it, try dry shampoo to freshen limp looking hair. It will boost volume and texture, fooling everyone into thinking its freshly washed. You can also try out colour tinted dry shampoo to revamp your colour without visiting the hairdressers as often.


  1. Try Using Conditioning Hair Masks to Maintain Moisture

Coloured, bleached and chemically straightened hair can become increasingly dry and needs extra hydration to maintain healthy looking locks.

Regular use of deep conditioning hair masks will restore moisture & nutrients to your hair and works to repair any damage caused by harsh colouring.

Using a small amount and leaving in hair masks when on holiday in hot countries can help to protect your hair from UV rays and dry heat which can lead to frizz.



  1. Use a Heat Protection Spray Before Styling with Hot Tools

Heat will not dry out your hair causing split ends and breakages but also strip your hair colour due to dehydration.

Using Heat protection sprays will lock in moisture, smooth and reduce frizz caused by lack of hydration which all helps to maintain a healthy-looking colour.


  1. Avoid Chlorine

This may be easier said than done when on holiday but the chemicals in chlorine will strip the colour from your hair with ease. Bleached blonde hair is susceptible to turning green in a swimming pool on a sunny day. Darker tones can also turn dull, dry out and loose shine. If you cannot avoid using a chorine-based swimming pool, try using a swimming cap or if you don’t feel comfortable sporting that look, when washing your hair before heading into the pool, try leaving in your conditioner. This will help develop a protective layer between your hair shaft and the chlorine.


  1. Prepare Your Hair for Your Next Hair Appointment.

If you have booked to update your colour in your hair salon. Then prep your hair with a clarifying shampoo the day before. This particular shampoo is designed to strip your hair of natural oils. I understand that we have said that natural oils are good for your hair, which they are; but when colouring, the dryer your hair is, the easier it will take when colouring and oils can block any new dye on the hair follicles.


  1. Keep Up with Trims

Getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks will rid of any damaged ends and leave your hair looking healthy throughout. It can also promote growth and thickness.

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