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Hair Mask Review by 'Antoniadoux'

Theres nothing more we love to see than your reviews and comments about Give Me Cosmetics products. Thanks to Antoniadoux for this positive review on our Argan Oil & Coconut Oil Hair Mask. Take a read below....

"Since I did my big chop in 2016, I've had to make sure that I look after both my natural hair as it re-grows,  as well as my wigs - as I wear them almost everyday! My wig is made from human Brazilian hair, so in order to keep it looking healthy and natural its important to give it the moisture and nutrients it needs. This is because once hair is removed from the scalp it cannot supply itself with vitamins and oils. 

The Give Me Cosmetics hair mask is one product I've recently started using through a collaboration with them, and its been love at first sight! The mask claims to: "Moisturise and revitalise" dry damaged hair as well as "smooth and repair" by deep conditioning.  

The products capacity is 100ml, which is convenient in terms of travel, as its small so it wont take up much room in your wash bag! 

Give me cosmetics is a cruelty free brand, so its safe to say the hair mask is guilt free! The hair mask contains coconut oil: which, when used as a deep conditioner stimulates the hair follicles which promotes hair growth and can add lustre, softness and shine to damaged hair. The mask also contains Argan oil - which similar to coconut oil also promotes hair growth, and tends gently to your new growth. 

I now use this product once a week so I don't over moisturise my hair. I absolutely adore the smell and packaging too! My curls are more defined, softer and smell amazing.
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How To Use:

  1. Comb through your hair using a wide tooth comb (as pictured) backwards from tip to root so to prevent damage to your hair. 
  2. Wash, shampoo  and condition hair as normal 
  3. Section or part your hair into 4, or into managable sizes and apply from root to tip (generously). 
  4. Set a timer for 15 minutes and allow the product to work into the hair! 
  5. Wash out, and air dry or lightly blow dry your hair on the 'cool' setting. 

If you want to check out Antonia's blog you can right here.

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I luv this hair mask and shampoo and conditioner its revamped my baby fine hair so soft and seems to nourish my sensitive scalp will not be without it now thank you for giving me my confidence back 🤩🤩🤩

Veronica Little

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