Ever Wondered What Heat Exposure Does to your Hair?

Ever Wondered What Heat Exposure Does to your Hair?

Hands up if you heat style your hair?
From Hair dryers, straighteners to curling irons & heated rollers. These electrical appliances can transform your hair from flat and boring to showstopper do’s in as little as an hour. So don’t worry, we all do it!
But what are these tools really doing to our hair?
“Human hair contains keratin proteins and hydrogen bonds. When you use heat styling tools, such as curling irons, flat irons, tongs or blow dryers, they strip your hair of its natural oils and proteins by breaking down its hydrogen bonds. In fact, this breaking down of hydrogen bonds is the same reason your heat styling tools are able to give you the look you want. They change your hair texture in order to achieve straightness, curliness or sleekness.” – Discover Good Nutrition.
To really show the effects of heat styling tools, we conducted an in-house experiment at Give Me HQ to really see the damage first-hand by using a piece of toast.

These insane results though 😱 did you think it would work? Be sure to care for your hair and shop our heat defence on site now! ##hairtok ##hairhacks

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Just look at the scorch marks on that bread! Imagine this type of damage on your hair on a daily basis!
 Thankfully, we have a created a product to help shield your hair from harmful heat damage.

Enriched with a UV filter and a natural blend of Coconut Oil & Argan Oil, the professional formula defends heat-styled hair from temperatures up to 230°. So you can blow dry, straighten & add a curling iron to your hair with the comfort of knowing your hair is well guarded against the harshness of heat damage.
If you want to give your hair a break from heat styling but still want the showstopper look. Here's a simple hack for heatless curls, guaranteed to create stunning beach waves every time! 

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