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Give Me Launches their NEW Hair Repair Bundle!

We have seen you appreciating our best-selling Hair Mask for years. And last summer, you have fallen further in love with our creamy Coconut Oil & Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.

Here at Give Me, we take pride in caring about the health of your mane and, we are expanding our haircare family with some new and exciting products.

Created with the health of your tresses in mind, our brand New Hair Repair Bundle is here to prep, protect and nourish dry, damaged locks.



The bundle includes our OG Argan Oil & Coconut Oil Hair Mask, a new Heat Defence Spray, and a new Hair Serum.

Step 1  Moisturise & Revitalise weak, brittle hair with everyone's favourite Argan Oil & Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Step 2 Prep & Protect your mane from heat styling damage with our new Heat Defence Spray

Step 3 Nourish, Tame & Strengthen every single hair strand with our new Coconut & Argan Oil Serum.


Let's discover the powerful benefits of the new Give Me haircare heros.


Heat Defence Spray



If you are a regular heat tools user, then it's time to add a heat protection spray to your styling regimen to preserve the overall well-being of your strands. Our Coconut Oil & Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray prevents heat damage by creating a protective layer that absorbs excess heat and stops it from penetrating deep into the hair.

Apply the spray to damp hair from root to tips, and make sure to distribute the product evenly by brushing through your locks.

Hair Serum



Adding a hair serum to your wash day routine is becoming a crucial step so many of us are neglecting.

Concentrated with powerful, active ingredients, our Hair Serum adds an extra boost of shine to your strands, it helps tame your hair from frizz and protects it against environmental agents by creating a barrier to fight against pollution and humidity.


Shop the Hair Repair Bundle Today! 

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