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Can I use Makeup Removing Oil on Oily Prone Skin?

You might be looking at Give Me’s NEW Makeup Remover Oil and thinking. ‘That’s no good for me, I have oily skin’.  – Wrong! this is exactly what your oily pores need!


It seems a little confusing right? If you have an oily or combination complexion, you've probably been avoiding oily substances for your skin. But, (plot twist!) some facial oils are actually formulated specifically for your oily skin type!


Removing your makeup with a single-use makeup wipe, not only smears the makeup across you face without fully removing the unwanted dirt and oils but will also dehydrate and strip the vitamins from the skin with harsh alcohols, leading to dry and irritative, acne prone skin. A Makeup Removing Oil helps to restore the skins natural balance of vitamins and oils. 



Containing conditioning omegas, vitamins and protective antioxidants; facial oils in fact work to break down the collected oils in pores to help control the correct balance of natural oils in your skin. In addition, they're also great at creating the luminous glow that only truly healthy skin has.


According to studies, oily skin tends to be rich in fatty acids (which causes break outs), such as oleic acid, and deficient in EFAs (Essential fatty acids). EFA’s contribute to clearer pores and a balance in complexion as well and a healthy-looking glow. Additional supporting research shows that pre-pubescent complexions have a healthy balance of EFAs, whereas post-pubescent, acne-prone complexions are deficient in EFAs.


There are several natural oils rich in these EFAs, including:

When incorporating a facial oil into your skincare routine, remember that it should always be the last product you apply. Facial oils are, by nature, more dense than other skincare products, which means they can block lighter products such as serums from absorbing.

Remember how oil floats on top of water? This is why oil is always the final step in a perfect facial routine.



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