3 Simple steps to Using the Give Me Makeup Remover

3 Simple steps to Using the Give Me Makeup Remover

Cleanse away stubborn makeup and unclog your skin's impurities the eco-friendly way with Give Me's Makeup Remover & Eco Pad Bundle.

When wearing makeup and SPF use an Oil based makeup remover to gently melt away the remains of the day, this will be the most gentle and effective form of removal as micellar water and makeup wipes are too harsh, drying and abrasive.



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Infused with natural Grapeseed & Olive oil, the gentle formula of our anti-ageing makeup remover quickly absorbs into the skin and locks into pores, leaving a moisturised & cleansed complexion without any greasy residue. The antioxidants in the Makeup Remover improves elasticity in your skin and since it is rich in Vitamin E & A, the Makeup Removing Oil helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Make-up wipes and cotton pads are adding to landfill waste and are not environmentally friendly, they cannot be recycled. And for anyone that flushes them down the toilet… this causes drain blockages and can even end up harming sea creatures.




Switch to our Eco Friendly Cleansing Pad that is incredibly soft and machine washable up to 200 times, saving you money and saving the environment!

 Follow these 3 simple steps to remove your make-up without any single-use wipe pollution or toxic chemicals!


  1. Apply 3 droplets of the Makeup Removing Oil to dry skin and gently massage onto the face in a circular motion.
  2. Add water to emulsify Makeup Remover & continue to massage.
  3. Use the Eco Pad with water and rinse the cleanser off easily.

3 Steps to using the Give Me Cosmetics Makeup Remover

Enjoy your make-up free glowing skin, moisturised and cleansed to perfection!

Under no circumstances should you sleep in makeup as this can cause skin irritation, acne breakouts as well as drying your skin out. Using the Give Me Cosmetics anti-aging Makeup Remover will allow you to glow to sleep makeup free and wake up refreshed!

Switch to the eco-friendly, skin loving makeup removal way TODAY!



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