4 Simple steps to Using the Give Me Makeup Remover

4 Simple steps to Using the Give Me Makeup Remover


Cleanse away stubborn makeup and unclog your skin's impurities the eco-friendly way with Give Me's Makeup Remover & Eco Pad Bundle.


Infused with natural Grapeseed & Olive oil, the gentle formula quickly absorbs into the skin and locks into pores, leaving a moisturised & cleansed complexion without any greasy residue. The antioxidants in the Makeup Remover improves elasticity in your skin and since it is rich in Vitamin E & A, the Makeup Removing Oil helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Follow these 4 simple steps to remove your make-up without any single-use wipe pollution or toxic chemicals!



  1. Apply 3 droplets of the Makeup Removing Oil to dry skin and gently massage onto the face in a circular motion.
  2. Add water to emulsify Makeup Remover & continue to massage.
  3. Use the Eco Pad with water and rinse the cleanser off easily.
  4. Enjoy your make-up free glowing skin, moisturised and cleansed to perfection!



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Melissa Bowker

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