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Budget Beauty Saver Tips

Who doesn't love a big beauty saving?! Especially during difficult times. We are feeling the pinch during the Cost of Living Crisis and as food, bills and essentials increase in price, we don’t want the cost of looking after yourself to be increasing as well. 


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Let’s be honest, right now the last thing we want to be worrying about is spending money on ourselves, even though it is something we all deserve. With the rising bills and inflation, our spending is going towards our practical lifestyles. But, what should be essential in our lifestyles are extremely important self-care routines and just some ‘me-time’.  Whether this is a pamper night, movie night in, spending time with family or just time for yourself, a reset is something we all need, but especially something we all deserve. 

Give Me Cosmetics are here to provide you with the BEST, cost-efficient, money-saving bundles that won’t break the bank, but will provide you with an unforgettable pamper. 

Introducing our NEW ‘Cost of Living Beauty Hamper’ worth £65 but you will be paying only £19!  


 The Cost Of Living Hamper - Was £65 now £19 

Our new hamper includes 9 full-sized goodies and has everything you need to refresh yourself, help you take a step back, and just relax. From your favourite hair care to skincare and body care, our new budget beauty saver will make you feel revived, ready for the days ahead. 

Our Cost of Living Beauty hamper is a way for us to highlight to everyone that no matter what, you should always take time for yourself, but it shouldn’t be at an expensive price.

Let’s not forget about our new incredible 'Mega Mystery Bundles'.


Pull out your Sherlock Holmes trenches and microscopes as you try and figure out the mystery of what you could receive. Out of a possible 18 full-sized products you can receive the following: 


£15 Mega Mystery Bundle including 7 products worth over £52


£20 Mega Mystery Bundle including 10 products worth over £80

Our new Mystery Bundles are a cost-effective and exciting way to treat yourselves whilst adding in an element of surprise. There will be a mixture of possible best sellers, icons, haircare, skincare, body care and accessories, but there’s completely no way of finding out what Give Me Cosmetics products you will receive, how exciting! 

Mega Mystery Bundles are also an incredible way of trying products you would never even think about trying. Plus, you never know, you may fall in love with a product that would never have caught your eye, and the possibilities are endless! 


With the price of eating out, holidays and spa breaks increasing, staying in can be a cost-effective solution and a great way to wind down, sit back and relax. So hang on to your pennies this month and grab yourself a budget beauty saver bundle! With there currently being a choice of three, your self-care pamper night just became even more cost-efficient and exciting with Give Me Cosmetics. 

Save your pennies, but receive a treat for yourself!

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