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The Importance of Double Cleansing

Let me ask you, are you currently double cleansing within your skincare routine? If the answer is no, then continue reading and I promise, you will be running for our Double Cleanse Bundle here at Give Me Cosmetics. 


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Skincare is great to have as a part of your everyday routine. However, to ensure you achieve the best results for your skin, you need to make certain that all the makeup and dirt within your pores has been cleansed. This is where double cleansing comes in as a crucial part of your skincare routine. 

Double Cleansing is a step that is repeatedly missed within a routine, especially if you are not aware of the unbelievable benefits it can bring to your skin's health.



Within our Double Cleanse Bundle here at Give Me Cosmetics, there are 2 simple sets that will refresh, maintain and cleanse your skin for all seasons, and without a doubt will become a part of your everyday routine.

Step 1: Grapeseed Oil & Olive Oil Makeup Remover

There’s only two words for Give Me’s Makeup Remover, and that is it’s a ‘miracle potion’. Rich with Vitamins E & A, our gentle cleansing oil will remove your stubborn makeup within a minute, including waterproof mascara (WHAT?!). Let me tell you, with this, a little goes a long way and will make your makeup removal routine enjoyable instead of feeling like a chore. 


Step 2: Green Tea & Vitamin E Cleansing Balm

Now, who doesn’t love a cleansing balm! A key step to double cleansing. Whilst your makeup remover has removed your layer of makeup, our cleansing balm sinks into your pores, thoroughly removing and cleansing product build up and ensuring all dirt has been removed. Leaving a luxurious glow to your skin, maintaining a fresh complexion morning and night. 



Lets not forget the BEST remover of all, our Eco Pad. Forget your makeup wipes, our Eco Pad is environmentally friendly and is machine washable for up to 200 times! Like a cushion to the skin, our Eco Pad will gently remove all product and make sure your face is feeling silky smooth ready for your next steps.



Double Cleansing is a simple step by step that will thoroughly cleanse your pores and remove any excess makeup or oils left on the skin. Looking after your skin contributes to looking after your overall health, and once you start double cleansing, I promise, you will not stop! 


Now, let me ask you. Are you going to start double cleansing? If the answer is yes, then your skin is already thanking you.



Follow these steps and show the CLEANSE! You won’t regret it!


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