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Better Days are Coming - Give Me Cosmetics

I don’t think 2020 has been anyone’s year, we’ve all been pushed to our limits one way or another. Whether it’s tackling the pandemic, social distancing, becoming a home school parent, working from home, keeping fit from home and the list goes on and on and on.


The whole world has been turned upside down with uncertainty & panic has loomed over the heads of every single person on the planet. There was a Government lockdown, borders were shut, shops closed down, weddings, parties and holidays were cancelled and the whole situation has left a sense of deflation within society.


That’s why here at Give Me, we have launched the campaign – #Better Days are Coming.


We believe that during these unprecedented times, morale needs to be lifted more than ever and people need to be reminded that this is only temporary. Life may be at a standstill now, but it won’t be like this forever. Before you know it, you will back with your best friends sipping cocktails on the beach, or living your best life at a music festival, or even back at your favourite restaurant eating the food you’ve missed so much over these past few months.


2020 might have been bleak so far but it isn’t over yet, we still have 6 months to turn this around and after that, the rest of our life! Let’s look forward to the things that we’ve missed. Let’s grab our passports, our suitcases and our dancing shoes and look ahead to what’s to come next!

With a break from all our favourite activities this year, it makes you that much more appreciative of the things we get to do and the people we get to spend time with.


At Give Me, we have comprised four of the most uplifting, mood-boosting, billboards to fill your day with colour.


As you travel on the bus with your face mask on or drive to queue up at your nearest supermarket; keep a lookout for our bursts of positivity scattered across the country to remind you that Better Days are Coming.


So get ready to leave lockdown looking your best self with up to 60% off sitewide.

Prep and pamper your skin and hair and glow up before meeting up with your well-missed friends. 


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Give Me's Billboards can be found scattered throughout Manchester, Liverpool, London, Birmingham & Glasgow.







This summer called for strong visuals and in perfect Give Me style we delivered a colourful Taxi to keep the positivity going all year round.


At Give Me, we have a glass-half-full perspective on life, so we hope that our taxis leave a smile on your faces!


And when you are out and about and come across our little cab full of sunshine and holiday vibes, don’t hesitate to jump in or just snap a pic and tag us on our social media!


Give Me’s Taxis can be found all over Liverpool and Manchester so stay alert. 

There’s a little treat from us inside.




We hope that when you come across our billboards, it puts a smile on your face and fills you with thoughts of exciting things to come!


Where will you see them?


Tag us in your Instagram Stories & Facebook posts with the hashtag #betterthingsarecoming


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