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6 Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Curly Hair

There are many struggles that women with naturally curly hair will face on a daily basis – like how painful (and irritating) it is to have something tangled in your hair, and how unpredictable your style can be, not to mention how vulnerable to breakage it can be.


Ultimately there’s something irresistibly gorgeous about curls, and we wouldn’t change them for the world. It’s funny how people with straight hair are always envious of our curly hair friends but all they want is to have straight hair! You can never win!


But unlike straight hair, curly locks need a little more TLC to maintain a styled look and not turn into a wannabe cavewoman.


So, the big challenge is how to manage curly hair so that it stays its glossy, bouncy & volumised best that all out straight hair friends would kill for.


Here are 6 Top tips to truly embrace your curly mane:


  1. Nourish with shampoo: Due to the kinks and curls in your curly hair, your scalp’s natural oils may struggle to reach the ends of your hair which can lead to dry/ split ends and a high risk of breakages. The Give Me Argan Oil & Coconut Oil Shampoo & Conditioner will help to add moisture through your entire head of hair and control frizz cause from dryness.



  1. Pre/Post-wash treatment: If your curly locks are prone to frizz, it’s a good idea to apply oils to your hair before washing it. Running your fingers through your hair, massaging the scalp then applying root to tip with natural argan or coconut oils will help to penetrate the hair follicles and hydrate to encourage silky and shiny hair after washing.




You can also apply a nourishing hair mask to help tackle dryness, after shampooing and conditioning, apply a small amount and leave in for 10-15 mins then rinse out with water to lock in moisture.


  1. Be gentle when towel drying. Try not to towel dry your hair so much after washing your hair, it will only generate unwanted frizz. Instead, try lightly patting your hair with the towel then tipping your head forward and squeeze upward with the towel. Gently ridding of any excessing water.



  1. Before drying, apply a pea sized amount of Hair Serum to the lengths and ends of your hair for frizz and breakage protection  whilst encouraging a shiny finish.


  1. Use a diffuser. If you can, leave to dry naturally, regularly scrunching your curls for definition. If you absolutely have to, when using a hair dryer, attach a defuse. Avoid heat damaged by always adding a heat protection spray to your routine. This will help to reduce frizz by distributing heat evenly. Do not use until completely dry, leave a percentage of dampness left in your hair to lock in hydration with remaining water. 

  2. Don't Brush your hair. You mum may have taught you differently but if your hair consists of small, tight curls, brushing is only going to release your inner Tina Turner and provoke breakage. Only brush your hair when wet and with a wide toothed comb so it doesn’t unpick any definition.



For the best results when using a hair mask, check out Give Me's Coconut & Argan Oil Hair Mask for the deepest nourishment without dropping your beautiful curls. 


Argan Oil & Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Mask - Give Me Cosmetics


Our Aloe Vera & Coconut Oil and Mango and Passionfruit haircare ranges are also great for locking in moisture and strengthening hair.


For the ultimate curly hair hack, take a look at our Four Curls Range, designed to define and nourish your curls!


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