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5 steps to Get the Best out of The Four Curls Range

Are you looking for the simplest, most hydrating and most affordable curly hair routine? Give Me Cosmetics Four Curls has got you covered. With nourishing ingredients running throughout the range like Castor oil and shea butter this is the best range to care for your curly hair. 




Recently we expanded the Four Curls range even more, and now we’re here let you in to the secret of getting the best results for your hair! 

Step 1

Starting with the Four Curls Shampoo, this is a super clarifying shampoo, it is a sulphate and silicone free formula and so it is perfect for cleansing the hair of any dirt and product build up. We always recommend to shampoo twice, the first to lift the dirt and the second to wash it away.



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Step 2

Next we move onto the Four Curls Conditioner, Also sulphate & silicone free, this conditioner reignights after clarifying your hair. With super-hydrating ingredients such as castor oil, shea butter, jojoba oil & coconut oil, the conditioner will restore moisture & softness back into your hair without weighing your curls down. Like giving your hair a well needed drink of water!

Step 3 is where you choose! 

For that last boost of hydrations we have two options - The Leave-in Conditioner which is a dreamy thick consistency, perfect for dryer or thicker curls that need a stronger hold or there is the NEW Moisturising Mango Hair Butter, A lightweight formula with a luxuorisous whipped consistency for those more delicate curls. Either of these treatments are sure to moisturise and rehydrate the hair, wheather you prefer to scrunch or finger twirl there’s certainly a product for you! 

To really enhance your curl…



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Step 4

It’s time to define the detail with The Four Curls Hydrating and Defining Mousse, unlike other holding products on the market that cause breakage and damage, this mousse is infused with the nourishing natural oils and hair loving hydrating ingredients to ensure a crunch-free styling treatment. Again this works wonders with scrunching.




Step 5

Our Last step is our Nourishing Hair Oil which is a perfect finish to seal everything together. This is a multi-use product that can be used many different ways and isn’t necessarily limited to curly hair. With over 15 essential oils including the TIK TOK viral rosemary oil, this is a key ingredient for hair growth and can also be used to bond split ends and reduce frizz. The  handy pipet it is great for scalp hydration and igniting the hair follicles to encourage growth. (Top tip: massage after applying for increased blood circulation & growth stimulation)



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Four Curls is an inclusive curly care routine perfect for the 4 types of curls and anyone else! Curly, Coily, Wavy & Kinky!


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Not gonna lie didn’t expect much from this product actually been looking for faults and still trying to find one. One of the best products I have tried, I love the shine it gives my hair and the curls I had forgotten, my hair has more life than me 😄 thank you. Bought the same set for my mum now I hope she loves it as much as me XX

mandy wearin

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