You have asked the questions so we have answered them! 

Coconut & Argan Oil Hair Mask 

Can the hair mask be used on curly hair ?

Yes, the hair mask can be used on straight, curly, frizzy, wavy, permed & afro hair. 

How do you use the hair mask?

Wash & shampoo hair as normal, towel dry your hair, then apply the hair mask, leave on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse out with water.

How often should you use the hair mask?

We advise using the hair mask at least once a week for the best results depending on the length and condition of hair.

How many uses are there in one hair mask?

There are on average 6-8 uses in each hair mask tube depending on condition, hair length & thickness.

How much is the hair mask? 

The hair mask is retailed at £15, but it is currently on sale for £9, we often have a promotion running for a bundle of two hair masks! 

Can I leave the hair mask in overnight?

We advise leaving the mask in for approx. 10-15 mins.

Can I use the hair mask on coloured hair? 

Yes, the hair mask can be used on coloured and dyed hair. We recommend  delaying the use of the hair mask newly coloured hair for the dye to settle.

Can I use the hair mask on bleached hair?

Yes, the hair mask is perfect for bleached hair as it is usually damaged and dry.

Can I use the hair mask on my extensions?

Yes you can, we have had lots of positive feedback from people using the mask on extensions.

How do I get the best results from the hair mask?

Apply to freshly towel dried, shampooed & conditioned hair, then apply the hair mask, leave for 10-15 minutes then rinse out.

Are your reviews on real people? 

Yes,  real customers review our products, we also have many positive comments under our advertisements.

Will I lose the hair mask results when I wash my hair again?

The hair mask is a deep conditioning treatment which improves damaged hair over time, regular use will keep the results for longer. 

Can I use the hair mask on my thin fine hair?

Yes the hair mask is suitable for all hair types. 

Can I use the hair mask on grey hair? 

Yes, the hair mask can be used on grey hair.

Can I use the hair mask on short hair? 

Yes the hair mask will work the same on short hair as it will on long hair.

I have a sensitive scalp, can I use the hair mask? 

We advise to avoid applying the hair mask to the scalp if it is sensitive & only apply to the lengths of the hair - always do a patch test.

I have greasy hair is the hair mask suitable for me?

Yes, the hair mask can be applied to greasy hair, but we advise to just apply to the lengths and ends if you are prone to greasy hair.

Do you have any before & after pictures?

Yes, we have a reviews page on site. 


Natural Mud Bubble Mask 

How often should I use the Bubble Mask?

We advise to use the bubble mask once a week depending on your skin type.

How many uses are there in the Bubble Mask tube?

There are 6-8 uses on average in one tube of bubble mask.

Fake Tan Remover 

Does the Fake Tan remover really work?

Yes, all traces of fake tan are exfoliated away with a soft foam, leaving you with a blank canvas to start again. Watch the video here

Will the Fake Tan remover hurt my skin?

No it will not harm your skin, all ingredients are gentle on the skin, there are no harsh chemicals.

Does the Fake Tan remover smell of chemicals?

No, it has a very subtle Aloe Vera scent. It does not smell of chemicals. 

Ethical Trading Standards 

Are your products cruelty free? 

Yes all of the products on the Give Me Cosmetics website are animal-cruelty free. Check out our blog.

How much is delivery?

UK Standard delivery is £2.99, international shipping varies depending on country.

How long does delivery take? 

UK standard delivery takes 1-3 working days, international shipping takes between 5-10 days depending on the country. 

Where is Give Me Cosmetics based? 

Give Me Cosmetics are based in Liverpool, UK

Are Give Me Cosmetics Vegan?

We cannot claim that 100% of our products are Vegan Friendly - (The Ultimate Face Fix Sheet Mask contains collagen which derives from Gelatine). 

If your products are made in China does that mean you test on animals?

No, as we do not sell in China there is no legal requirement for the products to be tested on animals. Read our blog.


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