Candy Floss Sugar Lip Scrub


Give Me's Candy Floss Lip Scrub is the perfect, tasty solution for dry, damaged and chapped lips, rich in natural oils to form a hydrating and nourishing barrier on the lips to hydrate after exfoliation. Experience the sweet candy floss taste! 
Simply apply to your lips, scrub and lick away!
  • Exfoliates lips
  • Removes dead skin for nourishment 
  • Conditions lips
  • Antioxidant

*Not Included in Discounted offers

*We always advise doing a patch test to prevent any possible allergens*

Never run out of your favourite lip exfoliating treatment. Upgrade to our Lip Scrub Set, containing the Candy Floss Lip Scrub, the Mojito Lip Scrub, the Mango Lip Scrub and the Peach Lip Scrub!

*Excluded From Discount codes

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