The Full Haircare Set


Worth £71 when sold individually*

Thicker, intensely hydrating formula; ideal for thick, coarse or damaged, dry hair.

 Introducing... The Full Haircare Set. Nourish, strengthen & repair hair with 7 power-fighting full-sized hair products formulated to restore dry & damaged hair in one easy set.

Step 1 - Argan Oil & Coconut Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Both Paraben-free, they both contain a healthy dose of nutrients such as provitamins B5 which is used to increase elasticity in the hair strands and absorb water content for added moisture. 

Step 2 - Argan Oil Coconut Oil Hair Mask  

The Argan Oil & Coconut Oil Hair Mask is a customer favourite amongst Give Me lovers. It works to restore moisture back into dry damaged hair and gradually reintroduce hydrated, stronger & shinier hair.

Step 3 -  Detangling Hair Brush

Our Detangling Hair Brush is designed with two-tier technology to allow use on wet or dry hair. Whilst it prevents breakage and damage, the brush also removes knots & tangles easily.  – the long teeth detangle and the short teeth smooth the hair cuticle for healthier-looking, glossier hair. 

Step 4 -

Argan Oil & Coconut Oil Protection Spray 

 Enriched with a UV filter and a natural blend of Coconut Oil & Argan Oil, the professional formula defends heat-styled hair from temperatures up to 230°. So you can blow dry, straighten & add a curling iron to your hair with the comfort of knowing your hair is well guarded against the harshness of heat damage. 

Step 5 - Argan Oil & Castor Oil Hair Repair Cream 

Rich in Castor Oil, Argan Oil and vitamins B3 and B5 & strengthening protein. The creamy formula moisturises and bonds together split ends that can be caused as a result of over-styling & heat exposure. 

Step 6 - Argan Oil & Coconut Oil Serum 

Infused with subtle blends of Coconut Oil & Argan Oil, The expertly formulated serum works to seal in moisture to smooth, tame & protect against humidity & frizz.


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