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Your Ultimate Summer Beauty Checklist

With the temperature rising and longer daylight hours, summer is here, and we are about to give you our Give Me Ultimate Summer Beauty Checklist…

In the hotter weather our hair can face a lot of damage so we have come up with some must-haves in your suitcase.

Hair Care in the summer is all about hydration and protection. Hydrate your hair with our original, viral, extraordinary hair mask. An OG of Give Me Cosmetics that delivers an at home salon finish to your locks. In the summer, I love using my favourite hair mask to slick back my hair especially when swimming in the sea or by the pool.



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Using a hair mask to slick back your hair, not only keeps it off your face and neck, but adds a treatment at the same time. When swimming in the sea and pool, using a hair mask to protect your hair is KEY. Natural sea salt, nasties and chlorine can damage your hair's natural strength and cause brittle ends. Since I started using the Give Me hair mask before diving in, I noticed a massive change is moisture retention, and the treatment helps me avoid damage to the ends of my hair!

Using a hair serum can help tame frizz and humidity, and what better scent than mango and passionfruit to see in the summer. Pair it with the Heat Defence spray for an extra added layer of protection against UV rays, just like an SPF for your hair. Did you know that the sun can cause heat damage to your hair just as much as your straighteners? It can also fade your bright hair colour so this is your sign to make sure to include your UV protection in your haircare routine this summer.




When your hair is a bit more fragile or at risk of being damaged, some accessories can really make the difference! Using a microfibre hair wrap is the perfect solution to drying your hair after a long day by the pool without causing any damage to your hair like a towel would… also it looks so summery and colourful, perfect for a holiday!




Another way to stop damage is using our Flexy Paddle Brush. Designed with flexi technology, our Paddle Brush bends and moves to the contours of your hair, meaning less damage  while detangling your hair. Being gentle with brushing is important all year round, especially in the summer season as you hair is bound to be more fragile.

Our last recommendation is a summer staple, the trusty claw clip. Get all the cute summer hairstyles with zero damage. When using bobbles or doing tight hairstyles, your hair is more likely to bend and snap but using a claw clip can significantly reduce the chance of  this happening.



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All our recommendations are available in our Holiday Hair SOS Set. Be sure to stock up before summer and save your hair!


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