Why our Viral Eye Cream is taking Tik Tok by storm… - Give Me Cosmetics

Why our Viral Eye Cream is taking Tik Tok by storm…

Brightening, Boosted & Beautiful!

Do you want to step into spring with glowing skin? Say goodbye to those winter bags and dark circles with the Give Me Cosmetics Avocado Oil & Vitamin E Eye Cream. It’s colour-correcting formula improves the appearance of dark circles and brightens the complexion. With Avocado Oil and Vitamin E it is sure to have your dry, winter skin feeling hydrated and firmed

Give Me Cosmetics Eye Cream

Our Brightening Eye Cream has taken over social media recently with customers & influencers using the formula as a hydrating, glowy make-up base. This is due to results creating a tacky texture when applied liberally, which is ideal to place underneath for long lasting make-up! Now this trend falls down to personal preference and people have found equally great results using just around the eyes. But more importantly, here are the benefits of this trending Eye Cream


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With its incredibly hydrating formula, this is perfect for under your eyes because they do tend to dry up more often as they don’t have any oil glands resulting in unwanted flaky and textured skin. Under the eyes is a delicate area as this is where your skin is thinnest; this means you have to be extra gentle with how and what you place under your eyes. 


Give Me Cosmetics Eye Cream

When applying The Eye Cream, it is important to tap and not drag. Dragging the skin can increase fine lines and loosen the skin… which is what you should always try to avoid. Tapping the product into the skin is the gentlest way and most effective application. Using your fourth ‘ring’ finger will also allow you to be extra gentle and not cause any damage because your ‘ring’ finger produces a lighter touch than any other finger.

The colour-correcting, brightening formula, not only tackles dry areas and increases hydration but it can also illuminate those dark circles. The Eye Cream has a yellow tint to it… no it is not artificial pigment and no it is not going to turn your face yellow.. This tint is just going to give the dark circles an extra boost due to the nourishing elements of Avocado Oil and Vitamin E.




Speaking of ingredients- Avocado Oil is full of vitamins from A to C and even K. It is going to nourish the skin, adding moisture and sealing the barrier to avoid any further damage. Vitamin E also plays a big part in reversing UV damage from the sun, as well as being a key antioxidant, reducing inflammation and supporting skin cell regeneration!

Betain is a holy grail anti-aging ingredient and this is what is going to help fill fine lines and wrinkles as well as firm any loose skin. It is almost a natural filter for your face. Even with having all these super powers, it is one of the gentlest ingredients and therefore this is perfect for the delicate eye area!


With all these pros and apparently multi uses, why would you not invest in a Brightening, hydrating and anti-aging Eye Cream with skin loving ingredients that is going to set you up ready for a GLOWING Spring! 

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