Wedding Prep Beauty Tips

Wedding Prep Beauty Tips

Your wedding day - It’s the most important day of your life, the venue is booked, the cake is ordered, the flowers decided. But wait. Have you thought about your beauty routine? 


Don’t tell me you were just going to turn up on the wedding day and expect your makeup artist and hairdresser to work miracles on an unprepared canvas were you? 

Oh dear! Well luckily, here at Give Me, we have all the latest tips, tricks and hacks to consider when planning your wedding beauty routine and when to start prepping for your big day! 


12 Months before.. 

This might seem drastic but routine is key and starting a new routine must start as soon as possible to ensure your hair has every possible chance of looking and feeling fuller, repaired and glossy on your big day! 

Hair repair does not happen overnight, so keeping a consistent routine of incorporating nourishing oils & treatments will give your hair the best chance of looking incredible in your special hair do! 

Starting with your Shampoo & Conditioner, a simple yet effective detail that many people forget. Supermarket brand Shampoos that are not specifically designed for your hair type are going to dry your hair or add unnecessary weight and excess oils to it. 

Check out which hair range is for you in the image below! 



Don't keep changing up your Shampoo & Conditioner as consistency is key when training your hair. 

Regular use of a hair mask in your hair care routine is going to help condition and strengthen your hair for a healthy growing process. 

If you are wanting to excel growth in your hair.. Now is the time to start! 

Our specially selected hair products help to clarify, exfoliate and nourish your hair and scalp for a clear path to promote healthy hair growth. The Hair Growth Bundle is a MUST when considering this! 


6 Months Before 

Time to start your skincare journey! This is the time when you should be researching what outcome you want for your skin and what concerns you want to tackle. Struggling with dry skin? The Hyaluronic Acid Skincare Duo is going to give your skin a drink of water! Blended with nourishing ceramides and tripeptides, this moisture-boosting pair is going to help to inject hydration and plump the skin for a glowing complexion.

Want brighter skin for your wedding? The Vitamin C Skincare Duo is the perfect solution. Enriched with 10% Vitamin C & Salicylic acid to help diminish bumps and uneven texture whilst battling against any bacteria build-up causing blemish-prone skin to help transform into a smooth & radiant complexion. 

Wanting to fight the signs of ageing? Our 5 step skincare range is the one to grab! 

Containing powerful anti-ageing key ingredients such as Retinol, Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide & Vitamin E for a gentle yet effective way of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for youthful appearance with increased elasticity. 

One major slice of advice for any skin type - Water is your best friend. If you want your skin to glow, drink H20 like it’s going out of fashion. Trust me, your makeup artist will thank you! 

12 Weeks Before 

The date is encroaching, starting to feel the stress yet? Remember, the more stress your body faces, the more it will reveal in your skin and hair. Your hair may result in falling out more than usual and your skin may start to produce more oils, resulting in acne prone skin. Don’t panic, it's completely normal, but we’re here to help!

This is when cleansing is vital to maintain oil balance in your skin, our double cleanse bundle will help fight off excess oil, bacteria and dirt build up without losing the healthy glow you’ve been working so hard to maintain. 

Don’t be alarmed if your hair begins to shed a little more. It’s only temporary and make sure you are keeping on top of your hair care routine, remember, regular hair mask and regular oil treatments to the scalp. Don’t drop the ball now! 


6 Weeks Before 

Now is the time to stop any skincare product swaps and stick to the same routine. You CANNOT afford to start experimenting with new products incase of possible reactions or breakouts. 

Have you had your hair trial yet? 

Check with your hairstylist whether they want your hair freshly washed or day 2 or 3 for texture and hold. Our Skip the Wash dry Shampoo will help get you through extra days and also create a great foundation for styling. For best value, checkout the Greasy Hair Bundle for fresher feeling hair for longer.

3 Weeks Before

This is your LAST chance to get any last minute facials or massages, again just in case of any unexpected reactions from intense layers of products & oils. You must protect what you have been working on! 

Avoid any greasy food and sorry to say, any chocolate or high sugar foods, these could lead to troublesome breakouts. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to eat these on your big day! It's a sacrifice for the greater good.. of your skin.

1 Week Before 

Is your body well exfoliated? Is your skin well hydrated? Are you still drinking plenty of water?

Our range of Sea Salt Body Scrubs & Body Butters will keep your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and sleek. (Nobody wants chicken skin on a spaghetti strap dress!) 


On the Day! 

Right, all your hair work has led to this day, your skin is glowing, your hair is thick, glossy and healthy and your body is smooth and silky. How are your lips? Make sure, before the makeup artist applies the million dollar final touch of lipstick. Make sure you go in with a lip scrub first. Our Sugar Lip Scrubs will exfoliate any dead skin cells and hydrate the lips with a blend of nourishing oils. Your lipstick will look 10/10 with a smooth, polished surface.

I hope all of these tips and tricks will help ease the load on your stressful but magical day. 

You will look beautiful! Happy Wedding Day! 

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