We may know one, Love one, Be one - For Mums everywhere, this one's for you! - Give Me Cosmetics

We may know one, Love one, Be one - For Mums everywhere, this one's for you!

 Now the title ‘Mother’ has many definitions…

  1. To have given birth ( Dated )
  2. To be a guardian of someone or something
  3. To care for someone 
  4. Or to be an important figure in someone's life history

But personally I feel that the definition of Mother, Mum and any other maternal figure doesn’t just stop there.

I believe a maternal figure to be someone who not only cares but is an important part in my upbringing and history; the person that I run to in a crisis (no matter how big or small). Motherly figures are the people who teach me valuable lessons and the people who guide me through this tricky thing called life.



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Mothers can be found in every walk of life, we have biological Mothers, adoptive Mothers, step Mothers, Grans, Aunts, Sisters, Friends but also furr Mums, dog mums, cat Mums, fairy godmothers, expecting Mothers, fighting to be Mothers, angel Mothers, the list is endless.

As a modern society, life moves too fast and we rarely get the time to say thank you and can struggle to show appreciation.Sometimes life gets too busy and sometimes it just isn't on our radar (When we all know that it should). But showing appreciation, saying thanks and giving back to your personal maternal figures are things that we should be practicing as much as we possibly can.




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A woman called Anna Jarvis created a day specifically designed to acknowledge women, friendship and mothers in 1907 following in her mothers footsteps who had set up mother clubs and organizations to help people come together. Now over 100 years later we still take advantage of her work and dedicate a day to mothers and maternal figures all around the world.


Now there are many practices on this day to show your mum how much they mean to you! Starting with breakfast in bed, now, in my history this always ended up with soggy cornflakes spilt across the bedding and a cold cup of coffee. Moving onto flowers… another generic gift idea, still lovely but flowers do eventually wilt and need to be thrown away.

Give Me has come up with ingenious ways of promoting that love for a mother over the years and providing a solution to the hard task of saying thanks. That doesn’t involve dying flowers and a messy breakfast in bed.




Mystery Boxes are BACK! Just £2.50 per item! The BEST Mothers Day Gift EVER!

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This year, we have created a Mother’s Day mystery Bundle, the perfect gift for your motherly figure to unwrap, filled with their favourite Give Me products and a surprise for the both of you. 

This simple bundle is decorated on the inside with gorgeous artwork and a card demonstrating all the words we sometimes cannot say. This poem is bringing tears to eyes across the nation.


She is my someone.

She works 24 hours a day. She is an alarm clock, a cook, a maid, a teacher, a nanny, a nurse, a driver, a handyman, a bodyguard, a photographer, a counsellor, a comforter, a cheerleader & an ATM.

She doesn’t get holidays, sick leave, days off or even overtime pay.

She works day and night putting everyone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of her own. She’s the shoulder to cry on, and teaches the hard lessons.

This day is for YOU. Put your feet up and enjoy the pampering you deserve. You’re loved more ways that you’ll ever know, and appreciated in ways you could never imagine.

Happy Mother’s Day.




Mystery Boxes are BACK! Just £2.50 per item! The BEST Mothers Day Gift EVER!

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Our BRAND NEW £25 Mother’s Day mystery Bundle is Now Live with 10 Luxury products included! We have had viral Mystery bundles before but this one has had a slight upgrade with premium products now being a possibility in the Mother’s Day Mystery Bundles. These premium products include best-selling and BRAND NEW items some have which have never been this low before. With 10 Full Sized Items for only £25 that’s only £2.50 a product!



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The possibilities of this bundle are endless, see all 50 items that you could be in with a chance of receiving below!

Give Me Cosmetics Mystery Bundle options


Now if mysteries aren't your thing we have plenty of other gifting ranges available HERE!

Make sure to tell the ones your love this Mother’s day how much they mean to you! Don’t Live with the regret that thank you and I love you wasn’t said enough.


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