Ways to remove your fake tan.

Ways to remove your fake tan.

Okay so summer is coming to an end, the sun hasn’t shown its face for a few weeks now, so we think it’s time we dug out our fake tan again in preparation for the autumn months. We LOVE that girls can use fake tan as and when we want to, and it’s so much safer, however we do not like the fact it’s a nightmare to remove in time for the next weekend when we need to tan again? The struggles, right?

Here are 4 simple steps to help you remove your fake tan in time for the fresh one to be applied.

  1. Exfoliate

When we apply fake tan, it is only applied to the upper layers of our skin. Therefore, purchasing a good exfoliating mitt will get the tan off in no time. Our Exfoliating Glove is perfect for this, fits on your whole hand and works wonders to your skin. Dampen with water and some shower gel or soap and rub gently on the areas needed. You will soon see your tan removed and your skin feeling lovely and soft. Oh, and its not only £3!!!   

  1. Baby Oil

Massage the baby oil into your skin, this will tone down the tan but must be repeated for a few days for results. For better results, we recommend using our Exfoliating Glove  to then rub off the baby oil further.

  1. Hair removal

We have all been there, when we have tanned and forgot that we haven’t shaved yet and when you do your tan just comes off. Super annoying, right? Well just try this technique when you actually want to remove the tan. Waxing, hair removal creams and shaving will all work wonders when it comes to tan removal.

  1. Visit a sauna

Hitting your local steam room or sauna can be a very effective way of removing fake tan. Stay in the room for 20-30 minutes and the hot steam causes pores on the skin to open up, releasing the tan. Rub down your skin with a damp towel once you come out and you should see the tan psychically rubbed off on the towel.

Have you got any ways to remove fake tan we should know about? Drop us a comment and let us know.

Daniel Fletcher

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