Want healthier hair in just 1 wash?

Want healthier hair in just 1 wash?

Want happier, healthier and shinier hair in just 7 steps? Well Give Me has just the Full haircare Set for you! Our OG Coconut and Argan Oil range is 7 steps of provitamin goodness and is sure to resurrect all your hair quarms!




Read how to use all 7 steps to get the most out of your hair and hair care! Everything in our Full Haircare set is formulated to work together to provide the best results. Included are 7 full sized products adding up to £71 but you can get the entire box for £35 or less when on offer!

We recommend starting with wet hair before going in with our provitamin, paraben free shampoo! This thick formula will hydrate the hair and improve the hair's elasticity! After lathering this up into cleansing foam, rinse thoroughly before going in with a second shampoo. Shampooing twice gives you the cleanest feeling and a properly cleansed scalp. This can help eradicate product build up which leads to irritation.



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After rinsing your shampoo out it is time for a conditioner! This intensely hydrating formula is the key to starting your rehydration journey! With more provitamins the Coconut and Argan Oil conditioner is perfect for dry and damaged ends and sleeker hair can be noticed after just one wash! We recommend to Condition the hair from the mid lengths to the ends before thoroughly rinsing out.

Now the star of the show for ultimate damage reversal! The famous Give Me Cosmetics Coconut and Argan oil Hair Mask! This 15 minute weekly treatment is your key to restoration. It is a deep conditioning, salon finish treatment. We recommend using this from root to tip on towel dried hair for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. Either relax in the bath whilst it works its magic or pop on your hair wrap and waltz around for even longer for an intense hydration treatment!

This is the perfect time to glide your detangling hair brush through your hair now it is nourished and rehydrated, there will be no snags allowing you to detangle and remove knots easily with no breakage.




Our Next step is prevention! Preventing future damage by protecting your hair against the elements and heat! The Give Me Cosmetics Heat Defense Spray is heat protectant up to 230 degrees and has a UV filter. We recommend spritzing all over and to section longer/ thicker hair to ensure that all hairs are coated and protected.

Step 6 is a must have in repairing any dry and damaged hair and this is our viral Hair Repair Cream with Vitamin B3 and B5 as well as wheat and corn protein to ensure your split ends are bonded back together making the hair healthier and stronger! We recommend 1-2 pumps on the mid lengths to ends. Make sure to evenly distribute this leave in formula. 

Finally our Hair Serum locks all the goodness in place and reduces any humidity and frizz! We recommend using a small amount of this… sometimes even 1 pump is too much. Warm the product up in your hands and rake the fingers through your hair for an even distribution and to avoid the appearance of the hair looking overly oiled.



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This Coconut and Argan oil Full Haircare Set is perfect for longer or thicker hair or for dryer hair with bleach damage.

This is the go to haircare for so many celebs including Michelle Keegan and her favourite Hair Mask. It is Nicole Scherzinger’s go to range as well as many other stars' secret to shiny locks!




Not just Celebs either… Here's what customers had to say

Claire G. - Beautiful set works so well on my hair . Leaves it really silky and smooth . Smells lovely . You only need a tiny bit of the products as they’re so thick and so each one lasts such a long time. It’s improved the quality of my hair and has such a shiny effect . 

Teresa M. 

I absolutely love these products,my hair feels and looks amazing,I’ve bought them for my family as it’s a product that needs to be shared so everyone can see how amazing it is

Amie M.

I love this range, everything you need for soft, well cared for hair. My hairdresser could not believe how healthy my hair is.

All reviews provided by verified buyers via YOPTO available to view at www.givemecosmetics.com




If you're still looking for the perfect hair care routine… look no further and check out the Give Me Cosmetics Coconut and Argan Oil Full haircare Set now!

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