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Top Hack for looking After Your Hair Extensions

Extensions, weaves, & wigs can be the best invention to give your hair the ‘wow factor’ but maintaining them can be the bain of your life.

Whether your artificial hair is synthetic or made from real hair, it can easily become tattered, matted and untameable very quickly if not given the proper care.

You could go through hundreds of pounds each year replacing your worn-out hair. Well now Give Me Cosmetics have the answer to your extensions nightmare!


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 The Coconut and Aloe Vera Hair Care Bundle and Full Haircare Set is full of natural blends, the deep conditioning mask works to nourish and hydrate dry and damaged hair.





Sulphate and Silicone Free this haircare range is the answer to your specialised haircare needs! Whilst having no Sulphates and Silicones this range is still intensely hydrating which can be hard to find!


For your hair extensions we recommend following this routine for sleek, shiny and good as new hair saving you money on replacing them!

  1. Start by wetting the hair thoroughly before lathering the Coconut and Aloe Vera Shampoo, working it into the root to remove product build up.
  2. Atter rinsing the first shampoo we always advise to shampoo twice for a deeper cleanse.
  3. Once the shampoo is all rinsed out it is time to go in with the Coconut and Aloe Vera Conditioner, Using a coin sized amount apply to the mid lengths and ends
  4. Top tip: detangle the hair with the Heat Protective Vent Brush whilst the conditioner is working the hair to avoid breakage!
  5. After Rinsing the Conditioner out your hair should be well on its way to restoration!
  6. Our Viral Hair Mask is now available in Sulphate and Silicone Free Coconut and Aloe Vera so we recommend applying this next to towel dried hair! This is where any damage to the hair will heal!




Now you could finish your routine here after rinsing the Hair Mask out but if you want to really style and protect the hair follow these two more steps now!

  1. Apply 2 pumps of the Hair Repair Cream to the midlengths and ends of your hair! This is going to help bond together any split ends!
  2. Finally spritz your Heat Defense Spray all over before using any heat to avoid any future damage!

The Real hero for Hair Extensions, Wigs and Weaves is our Hair Mask… One treatment of this and your hair will be glossy, healthy and rehydrated allowing you to get longer out of your hair extensions.

The treatment is quick and effective, making maintaining your artificial hair so much more manageable!




 Even customers have expressed their love for the mask on their extensions! ➡️ 


Nikkie McCready  - 'Love this product. Its amazing on my extensions'.

Jill Shires  - 'I don’t usually leave reviews but just for everyone out there this is fantastic !!! I have extensions and they are now a year old but still look like new thanks to this product ! Highly recommended x' 

Amy Hoole  - 'Jill Shires same I use this on my 24 inch extensions it makes them like brand new everytime I love it, will never look back 😍 xx'



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