Top Festival Looks Ideas 2019

As festival season is soon upon us with Parklife kicking it off this weekend; the top looks have been trending for the most elaborate festival hair & make up game.


Top shopping hack – Fill your Make Up bag with glitter, gemstones, shimmer eyeliners & HIGHLIGHTER!


Plaits, bejewelling and glitter are certainly in this season but let’s see some of the most magical looks you can create and where you can access them.


A Subtle Golden Splendour

If you want to indulge in the sparkle but cannot commit to going full rainbow unicorn. A light summer golden tint is perfect to add to sun kissed hair.




The Boho Queen

If flowers and detailing is your game, then Gypsy Shrine has you kitted out. Splash your colours together and show your inner wild child.





The Holographic Mermaid

If your life consists of unicorns, rainbows, fairies and mermaids then this look is a must have. Gypsy Shrine can frame your eyes with magical, blinding bejewelling and combining it with a pot of Claire’s Glitter for the ultimate face rainbow.



Put a Ring on It

Braids are a must have for any festival from adventurous fishtails to basic French plaits. But to add some wow factor to your image try channelling your inner Kimmy K and Ariana Grande with simple hair loops to your braids. Access them anywhere such as Amazon & Ebay.





If metal in your hair isn’t your bag, why not compliment your hair with a touch of shimmer. From exploding your roots with pouring of glitter. To a subtle spray of glitter hairspray, watch how you shimmer in the festival lighting.


Henna Good Looks

If you’re wanting to take your extravagance to the next level, temporary glitter tattoos look incredible on a glitzy attire.

Covering your hands and arms in the cutest Aztec style patterns accompanied with, yes you guessed it, Glitter!

Body glitter and temp tattoos will make you stand out from the dazzling crowd.

You can get temp tattoo stickers from most fashion retailers such as New Look, Claires & Superdrug.




To prep your skin ready for a glitter, take over, try Give Me’s Natural Mud Bubble Mask and edible Lip Scrubs to exfoliate and cleanse your skin.


Melissa Bowker

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