Top 5 Benefits Green Tea Has for Our Skin


Over the past few years many people have switched their tea drinking routine from regular breakfast to Japanese green tea, otherwise known as Matcha – due to it containing antioxidants, resulting in a multitude of health benefits.


From weight loss benefactors to blood pressure & Cholesterol reduction, the eastern beverage has gained a high reputation in western society.


But the advantages don’t stop there!


Here are 5 more beauty reasons to incorporate Green Tea into your routine.


  1. Drinking & applying green tea has been agued to help fight off things such as skin cancer & dermatitis as it aids the rebuilding of DNA skin cells.


  1. Green ‘Matcha’ Tea can help tackle inflammations, irritations, redness & swelling. Containing properties such a polyphenol, the tea can help to soothe the skin and act as an anti-inflammatory.


  1. The Japanese tea can also act as an anti-bacterial element for treating dermatological irritations such as acne & clogged pores. The polyphenols work to eliminate embedded bacteria and fight infection. Creating smoother and cleaner skin.


  1. Green tea also plays a vital role in maintaining collagen levels by adding essential Vitamin E, which works to develop firmer and nourished skin. Leading to anti-wrinkle benefactors and youthful looking skin.


  1. The caffeine in Japanese green tea helps to shrink the blood vessels which makes green tea ideal for sleep deprived puffy eyes and dark circles.


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Melissa Bowker

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