The ULTIMATE June 21st GLOW UP Guide

The ULTIMATE June 21st GLOW UP Guide


Ladies and gentlemen, the end is near(ish), at least, we hope so. We finally have a date for when things will start looking somewhat normal and it’s June 21st. No more restrictions! YAY!

For all the impatient people, though, April 12th is the day retail shops and outdoor seating restaurants reopen to the public. It's literally days away!



Did you plan all your outings ahead of the anticipated date as we did? Well, whether you are hoping for a big night out, bottomless brunch with the girls or, a beer garden's meet up with your best mates, we have got you. 

Here is the ultimate beauty routine tailored to glam you up for every event coming your way.



Get ready for a natural sunkissed, bronzy tan, but first thing first, that six days old, patchy tan has to go! Goodbye! 

We know you have probably tried every removal trick under the sun, but here at Give Me, we have formulated the perfect Fake Tan Remover to save you time and unnecessary stress.
It's so easy to use. Just pump the foam and apply the Fake Tan Remover to the skin, let it work for 5 minutes, jump in the shower and wash it out with warm water. For extra help on stubborn areas, use the Give Me Exfoliating Bath Glove to help remove tan. 




One thing we have learned from the past year is the importance of self-care. One product that many have loved and keep on loving during those unprecedented times is the Give Me Hair Mask.

When it comes to hair, you cannot go wrong with this mask. Jam-packed with effective ingredients, such as argan oil and coconut oil, this intense, targeted treatment revives and revitalises dry, damaged hair in as little as 10 minutes. 

So if your hairdresser cancels on you last minute, this mask is just the quick fix you need for a glossy, salon-finish look. 






Okay ladies now let’s get these brows in formation. Brows are LIFE. They can take your look from meh to yeah. So if you are in a complicated relationship with your eyebrow lady, we suggest picking up our Professional Tweezers and perfecting your technique in time for the bash. 



 Professional Tweezers - £5



The foundation of a good makeup day is your skin prep. Whether the end goal is a full beat, a soft glam look, or to showcase your natural beauty, the secret to achieving the "perfect look" starts with skincare. 

Start by deep cleansing and exfoliating your pores with a natural mud Bubble Mask. This mask delivers a smooth surface by eliminating dead skin cells and detoxing deep into your pores.





Follow up with a hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask to bring back the glow to your skin for a long-lasting makeup application.  



 Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask - from £6



Lastly, replenish puffy, tired eyes with the Pink Gel Eye Patches. They are great at plumping the under-eye area as they are infused with soothing and moisturising ingredients such as green tea and aloe vera.



 Pink Gel Eye Patches - from £2




Add a touch of glamour with some clear, peachy, or dewy lip glosses. But first, you must prep those lips with our Lip Scrubs, the perfect taste of summer for the smoothest lipstick application. Follow up with our vanilla and passion fruit lip balm to deliver that glossy look we have all been itching to recreate.



 Lip Scrubs - from £5


Add the finishing touches to your look with some extra fluffy statement lashes! In case you forgot how to apply them, here is a little how-to tutorial featuring our Gold Eyelash Applicator.





Now that your prepped and ready to go don’t forget to stay sanitised and moisturised with our Hand Sanitizer and our Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Hand Cream.
Nicoletta Uzoeto

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