The Detangling Hairbrush By Give Me

The Detangling Hairbrush By Give Me

It seems like a such a mundane thing to possess, but a hairbrush is an essential everyday tool for people with mid to long hair.


The trick is, finding a brush for you, it can become confusing with all the styles available from barrel to paddle brushes, surely, they all do the same thing right?




Each brush is tailored to your hair’s specific needs, whether your hair is thick, fine, curly or frizzy.



What about if you suffer from tangled hair? If you run the incorrect brush through your hair, it can become painful, cause frizz and potentially a pull clumps of hair from the roots, which, especially if you struggle with fine hair, is something you really don’t want to happen!

 Give Me’s Detangling brush is not only ideal for distributing our best-selling hair mask evenly throughout the hair, but it is gentle and safe for tangled hair.


Our Detangling Hairbrush is designed with two tier technology to allow use on wet or dry hair. Whilst it prevents breakage and damage, the brush also removes knots & tangles easily.  – the long teeth de-tangle and the short teeth smooth the hair cuticle for healthier-looking, glossier hair. Designed for use on all hair types, the flex allows a smooth pain-free brush. 

Simply brush through your wet/dry hair with ease and speed to reveal a soft, shiny and completely tangle free head of hair.


Shop on its own or in the Hair Mask & Brush Bundle Here.


Melissa Bowker

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